Celebrity Drama | T.I. and Tiny Respond to Sexual Lawsuit Accusations

T.I and Tiny respond sexual allegations in 2005 hotel incident

The power couple is currently facing intense judicial investigation after being accused of drugging and sexually abusing a lady in a hotel room in Los Angeles. T.I and Tiny have come out to respond to these sexual allegations.

T.I. and his wife, Tiny, confront serious sexual allegations dating back to 2005. The case started three years ago when the plaintiff threatened to file a lawsuit but did not until today. It was on January 2 when the lawsuit was submitted in Los Angeles.

However, the couple has stood their ground and are ready to defend their name. According to reports, they said, “We are innocent of these fake claims, we will not be shaken down, and we look forward to our day in court.”


As a result of California’s Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act, the plaintiff claims that she is now bringing the lawsuit forward. The plaintiff is accusing them of drugging her and taking her to their hotel for a threesome.

The couple also mentioned how they have suffered from rumors because of these claims. T.I responded to the sexual allegations’ lawsuit explaining, “For THREE years, we have emphatically and categorically denied these allegations.”

They further said, “For THREE years we have maintained our innocence and refused to pay these extortionate demands for things we didn’t do.” The couple have vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

Despite that, the lawsuit’s deadline passed, and the complaint was not filed in time.

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