Kendrick Lamar Drops The Visual For “ELEMENT.”

Kendrick Lamar Element
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Watch The “Element.” Music Video

Kendrick Lamar is still riding high off the success of his latest project, DAMN. After releasing some crazy visuals for “HUMBLE.” and “DNA.“, K. Dot is back to set the internet on fire yet again. This time, with “ELEMENT.”. The Little Homies are back to direct this cut, along with Jonas Lindstroem.

The video begins with a hand slowly rising up out of the ocean. We then cut to a group of people watching a house burning down. From then on, it’s a series of youth interacting with one another, lots of slow motion and Kendrick spitting his lyrics. As with Kendrick’s other videos, there’s a lot going on, plenty of visually-arresting images and a lot to unpack, so it definitely requires multiple viewings.

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s Video For “ELEMENT.”:


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