[WATCH] Lil Baby Gets Clowned Over Bizarre Shooting Range Video

Lil Baby shooting range video

Internet comics have dragged Lil Baby after he was seen in a video discharging a gun in a peculiar manner at a shooting range.

The Atlanta native was accompanied by an instructor as he fired shots from a high-powered assault weapon at an outdoor target in a video that went viral on social media on Saturday (September 23).

The instructor had to put his hand on Baby’s shoulder to hold him upright as his form drew eyebrows as he gripped the barrel tightly with his supporting hand and had a hard time maintaining his balance due to the rifle’s strong kickback.

Then the rap star was given a gold-plated pistol, which he appeared to have difficulty loading before aiming it down the range and letting off the clip.

When Lil Baby’s social media followers observed the video, they couldn’t help but make fun of him for his shaky shooting abilities.


Lil Baby Shooting Video Gets Blasted

“That recoil is cooking him.. he gotta stop rapping about guns [crying laughing emoji],” one user quipped via X/Twitter, while another wrote: “Look like a n*gga who be lying in his raps.”

Another troll posted a bogus image of an aged 2Pac with the statement, “Tupac if Baby was the shooter.”

Lil Baby has previously experienced the wrath of the worldwide web. Fans didn’t react kindly to the unexpected news when he postponed a number of his It’s Only Us Tour dates in July.

More recently Lil Baby had to end his Memphis show early because of a shooting.

One supporter wrote directly about Baby’s professional development: “Was having this convo w someone about rappers that could sell out arenas and they swore lil baby was one, I argued them up and down like he’s NOT tho contrary to popular belief. Now look.” Another user tweeted: “We’re finally coming to the realization that yes Lil Baby has had a lot of success over the years, but he is a mid rapper. Always been to me.”

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Image Credit:  Shareif Ziyadat / Contributor   |   Getty Images

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