Welcome Home Radric, Wayne Where You At?

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Uh, I just want to start off by saying welcome home to Gucci Mane.  I personally am a fan, thanks in part to my older brother who was raised off of New York rap, but has turned me on to the new tides in Southern music.

Gucci, I would have to say, is at the forefront of the list of my favorite southern rappers.  Maybe it’s because he’s an Aquarius too.  Who knows, but I been down with son for a minute.  (Yeah I’m from Brooklyn so I’ll be saying “son” a lot.)  Shit was crazy seeing him back, coming out of the jail like that, especially with the chain on already!  Shit, I wish I could come out of anywhere with ice on my neck like that.  Seeing Shawty Lo and DJ Holiday reminded me of the seen in Goodfellas where Henry Hill gets his first pinch.  Shit I wish this was Gucci’s first time going in but, that aint the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.  All I can hope for, is that he doesn’t go back in again.


As much of a non-fan of the “new” Lil’ Wayne I am, I do hope that he returns home, well, he is home as far as my location is concerned, but I hope he returns to the rap scene as soon as possible.  No doubt about it, as much as I hate to admit, Wayne is the hottest rapper in the game right now, and Hip-Hop will always suffer without it’s number one star.  I just want Rap to be as healthy as possible.  Tip is back home, La Flare is back, now everyone is just on deck for Wayne…


As far as this column goes, this shit will not always be this pleasant!  But shout out to everyone reading, and shout out to Parlé Magazine.  Til’ Next Time.


Here’s a piece of Gucci Mane’s speak after he was released, on his thoughts on the Hip-Hop game:


“Finally, a lot of things happened while I was away. I’m back to address these things. The rap game is in need of substance right now, and I’m here for the streets, right on time. I can’t wait to show the world why I feel that now that I’m free, ironically, I’m the most wanted man in Georgia. I’m hungry for success and ready to compete so may the competition begin. I set out five years ago to be the No. 1 rapper in hip-hop; today that journey continues with an even sharper focus. I challenge all artists to put out the best music they ever made this summer. I won’t accept nothing less than victory but I still want worthy opponents.”


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