A.D.’s Soapbox – Love & Marriage

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I don’t believe gay people should get married… now that I have your attention and before you grab your pitchforks ready to protest let me clarify, I don’t believe anyone should get married-gay or straight. It bothers me that all these extremists argue that marriage is a sacred bond between man and woman, if that were true then divorce would be obsolete. Once you decide to tie the knot, it should be illegal to get a divorce. Up until the 19th century, many marriages were arranged and marrying for love wasn’t even an issue. Now we say that if you love someone enough then you should marry him or her, even Beyonce wrote a song about it, but if my opinion counts for anything and I’d like to think that it does, I say don’t.

Why ruin what such a beautiful thing by getting the law and church involved? When I decide to casually fornicate, I don’t go to my local church or court house to get permission each time so what makes marriage so different.

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking about getting married, don’t and if you already are, I am sorry. Statistically, all of marriages are doomed to fail, not to be a cynical, it’s rare these days people will put in the time and effort to make these things work. Let’s just pretend that marriage doesn’t exist, people just live together and are bonded emotionally and spiritually instead of legally, would you invent marriage?

Love isn’t perfect, it can get messy alot of times, but why is it when people divorce they feel like they should be compensated for it?

All these TV shows push the idea that if you love someone then marriage is logically the next step in the relationship, how about I love you so much that I don’t wanna ruin this thing of ours with marriage. People reading this might wonder if I have a fear of commitment and I’d like to tell them that I don’t know. I haven’t been lucky enough to have a relationship that lasted more than just a few hours. (Joking!) If you’re reading this and you still wanna get married then good for you… But before you do be sure to split everything you own in half now to save you the time. I’ll even give the toast!

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Adrian "A.D." Dubard
Born in Washington DC, Adrian was placed in the care of his maternal grandparents after his mother died when he was a baby. For the most part of his life, Adrian’s biological father was absent from his life. Growing up with a house full of cousins, aunts and uncles, Adrian began his love of writing to document his surroundings. Attending a private school for 9 ½ years, it was there that many influential teachers help strengthen his love of writing via English and creative writing classes. Even though, Adrian loved to write he was reserved about what he wrote about. Leaving DC at the age of 7, Adrian and his family moved to Temple Hills, Maryland in Prince George’s not too far from where he had lived previously. Luckily, Adrian had taken part in many youth outreach programs as a youth that allowed him to travel and see the country, many kids he knew around his own age hadn’t even left the city. These experiences opened his eyes to other cultures and ways of living. As a teenager, Adrian had many friends who passed away before their time but he promised to keep writing to honor their memory. Other than writing, Adrian has helped various charities rise by going on public speaking tours. Some of these charities include The Safe Haven Project and The Journey of Hope. He has contributed to several book projects and currently resides in Queens, NY. Read more articles by Adrian.