The best time of the year: The NFL season is underway!!!


Another season of great food, trash talk, team loyalty, and friends becoming arch-rivals as the Sunday pastime kicked off on Thursday night with the Minnesota Vikings losing again to the New Orleans Saints in a rematch of the NFC Championship game. Sunday is held in most regards as a holiday bigger than December 25th (except those who are Viking or Saints fans…as Saint Nick came by a few days earlier) Let’s look ahead to the NFL presents (teams) that will make many jolly and sad this year.

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NFC EAST- Giants, Redskins, Cowboys, Eagles

 New York Giants – Look for BIG BLUE to do the exact opposite of last year….they will stumble out of the gate, but finish strong as the defense clamps down to win the division


Washington Redskins – This will be the surprise team of the league as they make a playoff run under new coach Mike Shanahan.


Dallas Cowboys – Another surprise team… surprisingly bad. Tony Romo and the Boys will not have what it takes to compete with the elite this year. Hopes are high, but in the end this team will do far worse than the surprise playoff run of last year.


Philadelphia Eagles – Without McNabb…without Westbrook….without a winning record. Don’t look for these Eagles to fly high anytime soon. Sorry cheese steaks.


NFC NORTH – Packers, Vikings, Lions, Bears

Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers will explode this year. Super Bowl perhaps and I’m not a cheese head either. They have a great team this year, don’t sleep.


Minnesota Vikings – Brett Farve this, Brett Farve that. They’re off to a 0-1 start, but look for Farve Fever to get hot once his receivers start holding onto the ball. This is the toughest division.


Detroit Lions- They may lose to the Bears, but they will have a better record come seasons end. Watch and see.


Chicago Bears – Fuggedaboutit. Cutler is colorblind at best with no receivers to throw to. Only safeties and cornerbacks seem to be open when he throws. It’s gonna be a long season in the “windy city”.


NFC SOUTH – Saints, Panthers, Falcons, Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints – Defending champs, its going to be tough to repeat. They have the weapon in Brees and making the playoffs is easy for them, but don’t talk repeat just yet.


Atlanta Falcons – The dirty birds will make some noise this year, but will the defense show up???


Carolina Panthers – Delhomme is out and his replacement is… Who the hell is Matt Moore? With a great ground attack and the real Steve Smith, this team will still fold with the worst starting QB in NFL history.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Dont even think about it. Best uniforms and the best stadium. Worst NFC team.


NFC WEST – 49ers, Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers – They might be so good this year you might think Montana, Craig, and Lott are still suited up. They are another sleeper with a defense and offense that might make you think twice.


Seattle Seahawks – I don’t see this team making ANY noise, but somebody has to be second in this Conference. They just suit up and play the game.


St. Louis Rams – Second year defensive guru coach, a star running back, and rookie quarterback. Almost sounds like those guys in steel city years ago. I like them to make more noise than the cardinals, but they are a few WR’s short to contend. I wish them luck.


Arizona Cardinals- Can someone say fall from grace???? Key losses of Warner, Boldin, and defensive gems make for a long season for the best wideout in the league Larry Fitzgerald. They may really STINK!

The AFC is the better conference this year with many more teams up to task.


AFC EAST – Dolphins, Jets, Patriots, Bills

 Miami Dolphins- Silent and almost deadly last year, the dolphins attack with newly acquired Brandon Marshall. You will think they were sharks instead!!!


New York Jets – Gang Green talks the talk, but can they walk the walk. Does HBO have them too excited??? Reality TV stars? Perhaps. Will they be the first “Hard Knocks” team to get to a Super Bowl? Get your popcorn ready!!!


New England Patriots – Brady, Moss, Welker, who needs defense? The patriots do. They are on the decline, but don’t take them lightly they have something left in the tank for sure!!


Buffalo Bills – The team from upstate New York also known as “Wide Right” and “OFOUR” may win a game. Wait a minute, T.O. is gone. Scratch that. Worst team in the league. At least they have good wings


AFC NORTH – Ravens, Bengals, Steelers, Browns

Baltimore Ravens – Last year they messed up Tom Brady in the playoffs. This year they stomp out the whole AFC. Air Flaco, T.J., Boldin, Ray Rice, Lewis and the Raven “D” are out to destroy!!


Cincinnati Bengals – Carson Palmer is nobody’s bitch. They make the playoffs with the reality TV boys that get hot white chicks.


Pittsburgh Steelers – From riches to rags to riches again??? See NY Giants-another team to start slow, due to Big Ben’s suspension


Cleveland Browns – First Lebron… this???????…this????


AFC South – Colts, Texans, Titans, Jaguars

Indianapolis Colts – Peyton Manning gets it in. Enough said.


Houston Texans – Only way is up for this team. AFC surprise.


Tennessee Titans – They win 8. They lose 8. Chris Johnson will have defenses poised to stop him. He’s Michael Jordan without Scottie Pippen. They will flounder.


Jacksonville Jaguars – Jags keep getting worse. They need a Denver QB. Any one of them.


AFC West-Chargers, Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs

San Diego Chargers – I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Ryan Mathews replaces LT! WTF??


Denver Broncos – They have quarter backs. They ALWAYS have running backs in the stable ready to run. Defense comes to play. No distractions from diva wide receivers. They may truly be mile high is season.


Oakland Raiders – They can’t and wont be any worse than last year. I guarantee it.


Kansas City Chiefs – I like to call them the New England Chiefs. They will lose a lot of close ones but as usual they will be better than the record reflects. They’re one year away.


Super Bowl XLV Prediction – Green Bay Packers vs. Baltimore Ravens, but my heart says Giants vs. Colts.


Root for your team below and enjoy the season!!!