R&B Divas: Ladies of Music Return To Forefront on TV ONE


The reality shows just keep coming in, but here’s one I really can’t be too mad at. Growing up in the 90’s when R & B Soul was at its height, listening to some of the most dominant female voices to ever record, I oftentimes find myself playing albums wondering where the ladies are today. The new TV ONE show, R&B Divas, provides some answers, featuring a cast of Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson, Monifah Carter, Keke Wyatt & Nicci Gilbert from the group Brownstone. Conceptualized by Evans and Gilbert, the ladies wanted to spotlight some of the Divas of yesteryear, while providing some back story as to what they’ve been dealing with personally and professionally since the days when they dominated the charts.

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Don’t expect the bickering and fighting you may experience on some other shows, R&B Divas is about life, family and the love for music. Evans and Gilbert believed in the product so much that they spent their own money to shoot the pilot before shopping it to networks. Picked up by TV ONE, the network will air eight episodes on Mondays beginning August 20, 2012.

The show will also follow the ladies as they record a joint album also called R&B Divas. It’s actually a charity album, with proceeds going to benefit the Whitney E. Houston Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, an institution that Houston attended, located in her hometown of East Orange, NJ. The lead single from the album will be “Tears of Joy,” by Faith Evans. The song was written by multiple Grammy nominated songwriter and producer, Claude Kelly & Chuck Harmony. The album will be in stores on October 2nd.

The show theme song is titled, “Lovin Me,” featuring all the ladies, and co-written by Nichole “Nicci” Gilbert-Daniels, Belle Johnson and Gharah “PK” Degeddungseze.


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