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You may recognize April Daniels as Tamar’s friend on WE TV’s Tamar and Vince. She and her husband, singer, songwriter and producer; Lashawn Daniels; are great friends of Tamar and Vince. If you follow April on social media; I’m sure you’ll agree that she seems very positive and strong. Her beauty seems to shine inside and out. It’s always great to see positivity.  April is a business woman and mogul in the making herself. I had the opportunity to interview April. Read on to see what she has to say!

Parlé Magazine: Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this interview. Many were first introduced to you on WE TV’s Tamar and Vince. Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
April Daniels: There’s so much more to me that unfortunately you were not able to see on Tamar & Vince. First and foremost being a mom & wife are my greatest accomplishments thus far! I love my men!! (My husband & 3 sons that is!!) Since being on the show I’ve been blessed with new opportunities like my “Rock Out With Me Tees,” speaking engagements, working on a book and another project that I’m overjoyed about but still in the preliminary stages, my baby. Soon enough I will be able to share full details! However, I had to press pause on the shoe line and place things in their proper order.

Did you have any reservations about being on reality television initially?

April: Absolutely!!! I’m a very private and protective person so the initial thought was no way!! But the topic resurfaced a few times so at some point I decided to pray about it until we received our confirmation. It can be a lot when you allow the world to read you like an open book.

Parlé:  You and your husband, Leshawn, come across as a positive married couple who loves and respects one another. Was there ever anything said from either of you that you wish you could take back?
April: Laughs!!! My husband would say when I cried and my slogan, “Rock Out With Me,” was birthed! But no, not at all!! I think those who want to make a positive impact have to keep it real and be willing to be transparent even if it is uncomfortable. Really that’s how I see reality tv. If we’re going to pretend, it’s no longer reality! If you sign up, be you whatever that means to you as long as you’re honest, you won’t lose. There are lessons to be learned from every honest experience in one way or another.

Parlé:  Has life changed for you since, Tamar and Vince?
April: Slightly. The biggest impact it has made is the recognition I get when I’m out at the mall, restaurants or running errands. I forget sometimes and will catch people starring and I catch myself like “why are they staring?”
Then they’ll ask if I’m April or say they love me on the show. I’m truly honored by all the love I have gotten when it does happen.

Parlé:  I want to talk about your fashion. Judging from Instagram; you have a good sense of style. Were you always into fashion?
April: 100 percent!! What’s not to love about fashion? Initially I wanted to pursue fashion design at FIDM, but changed my plans. I am a fashion junkie and I need help! Laughs! I even have my oldest & youngest sons entering into fashion junkie rehab!

Parlé:  How do you put the perfect outfit together? Some people start with clothes first, then find shoes to match. I also heard that some start with the shoes first, then finds something to match them.
April: Wow!!! There’s no rhyme or reason for me. My mood & shoes are sometimes where I start but then there are times I start with the item I know I want to wear outside of that. Fashion is an expression of yourself so I feel it should fall in line w/ the mood of the day.

Parlé:Do you have a favorite designer?
April: Alexander McQueen I loveeeeee!!

Parlé:  Also on Instagram, you seem very positive and uplifting. Do all your friends come to you for advice or to share things?
April: Oddly enough, yes!! My closest friends for sure. I’ve always been “Dear Abby” since high school when my friends needed advice.

Parlé: If there’s a young girl who is dealing with low self-esteem; what would you tell her?
April: Spend more time getting to know themselves and the Lord. Usually when you spend time evaluating the problem you can identify the how and begin to understand why it exists at all. Once you determine the reason why, you can attempt to correct it through prayer and diligence towards breaking the cycle. But that cycle can be a big deal from the company you keep to the person you choose to date. It’s so important to know your worth and for you to value yourself enough to know there should be standards when it comes to you and the way people treat you. Nothing is impossible to change it just requires dedication until you see positive results.

Parlé: Is there anything else you would like everyone to know?
April: Thank you for the love and support from everyone who has taken the time to give it!!! Much appreciated!!

Parlé: How can you be reached? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, website
April: Twitter & Instagram: @Iamaprildaniels
For bookings:Booking@vgslentertainment.com
Rock Out With Me tees: www.aprilandlashawn.com

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