No Good Deed movie review


Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson star in No Good Deed, the tale of what happens when a criminal escapes from prison and finds his way into an unsuspecting woman’s home. We’ve seen this story before but with a full African-American cast, and no Tyler Perry involvement, it feels like a fresh idea and a worthy watch. Plus the stars make for pretty great eye candy, which I think the production team knew would be good for the big screen.

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There are moments when No Good Deed feels like it would be better fit as a Lifetime Network movie, but you can appreciate the fact that its made it to theaters. Elba plays Colin, a convicted felon who escapes prison custody after he is denied at his parole hearing. Upon hitting the streets he is on a mission to get his lady back. Henson plays Terri, a wife and mother who is home alone for a couple days because her husband is away on one of many trips. It just so happens that her first night alone is the night of a vicious storm. Insert Colin, who while navigating through the storm crashes and has to abandon his car. He appears to seek refuge by randomly choosing Terri’s home.

There are a couple of surprising twists because things aren’t necessarily as they appear in this thriller. Elba and Henson have to carry most of the film as it comes down to the good girl versus the bad man for the last hour of the film. You end up having a great disdain for both characters at certain points but there is a shower scene that momentarily makes Elba appear to be Prince Charming.

In the end, the story won’t make many people swoon, but overall it is still quite entertaining. That will have to be good enough here.

No Good Deed receives a PAR

PARL… Kinda Great
PARLÉ… Classic


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