Will Idris Elba be the First Black James Bond?

Idris Elba As James Bond May Be Possible

It was one of the most exciting pieces of news since Obama ran for president that the award-winning actor Idris Elba made it to the top of Hollywood’s list of contenders for the next James Bond movie now that Daniel Craig has made it clear that he’d “rather slash his wrists” than do another Bond film.

His undeniable suave and elegance make him an obvious choice for the role, which is why the controversy that arose after this news hit the media came as a shock to many fans.

Possibly the most surprising oppose of this decision is the author of the James Bond novels, Anthony Horowitz. When asked about who could fill the role in an interview with the Mail, his response was that Elba was “too street” for the role, which sparked outrage as of the racist connotations of the statement.

Later Horowitz apologized on Twitter, and while he claimed to have not intended any offense the damage was done and the internet exploded on the subject.

“It’s not a color issue. I think he is probably a bit too ‘street’ for Bond.

What is it exactly about Idris Elba that does not fit the traditional role of James Bond aside from the color of his skin? The man looks like he walked off the set of Casino Royale, and that sharp look that will guarantee him entry to the most upscale casino parties. Moreover, the award-winning actor is best known for his versatility and powerful stage presence; and there’s nothing ‘street’ about that.

Alternatively, as the host of the Daily Show Trevor Noah put it in his latest New York stand up bit Afraid of the Dark, the doubts about Elba could be more practical than racial. He joked that maybe dark skinned spy would stand out too much on the streets of old European cities where Bond’s mission usually take him.


Whether you take offense by this whole order or not, Elba himself chose not to take the comments to heart, and his gracious response to Horowitz’s apology for his “street” comment is exactly the kind of poise the next ‘007 should have.

“Always keep smiling! It takes no energy and never hurts! Learned that from the Street!


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