Faith Evans and Stevie J Tie the Knot, Social Media Reacts

Faith Evans
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This Is What Social Media Had to Say About Stevie J and Faith Evans Getting Married…

Love happens in the most unexpected places, at the most unexpected time, with the most unexpected people, and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Stevie J and Faith Evans actually just proved that to be true.

According to TMZ, Tuesday night, the friends of over twenty years jumped the broom in their Las Vegas hotel room around 10:30 p.m. Initially, it was reported that the two lovebirds had applied for their marriage license in Clark County earlier that day, but it seems that they wasted no time getting the deed done and having the official ceremony.

Rumors of Stevie J and the “Soon as I Get Home” singer dating have been swirling since 2016, which immediately raised a couple of eyebrows. If you didn’t know, Evans and Stevie were both formerly a part of Bad Boy Records in the nineties, along with Evans’ late ex-husband, Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace. While Stevie worked more so on the producing and songwriting side, Evans and Wallace were artists of the label. They were married from 1994 to 1997 and had one child together, Christopher Jordan Wallace, who is also Stevie’s godson.

Supposedly, Stevie and Evans split last year, but as you can see, they must’ve worked things out. In return, fans of the B.I.G. have been very critical of the romantic relationship between the duo, as they feel that it is total disrespect to the deceased rapper. Apparently though, they weren’t the only ones who had a few things to get off of their chest.

Not long after the news broke, on Wednesday, Stevie’s controversial ex, baby mama, and former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta castmate, Joseline Hernandez, took to Instagram to share a recent text message that the 46-year-old allegedly sent to her last month, with the caption: “Happy Honey Moon. Petty Wednesday.” In the message, Stevie was also asking Hernandez to marry him, but when she declined, he referred to her as a “stupid little b*tch.” It has been since deleted, but screenshots never lie.

Faith Evans

Following her post, Hernandez then threw a subliminal tweet, demanding Stevie to start paying his child support. Take a look below.

Hernandez was also the same ex who burned $63,000 worth of Stevie’s belongings in 2016, when she accused him of having an affair with Evans while they were still together. Later that year, Stevie and Evans were seen on the ‘Bad Boy Reunion Tour’ alongside each other.

However, Hernandez’s shenanigans didn’t seem to stop anything. The newlyweds recently professed their love for each other on Twitter.


Subsequent to their tweets of ‘I love yous’, Evans posted a photo last night of them all boo’d up and cozied up in the car, confirming that they’d sealed the deal.


A post shared by Faith Evans (@therealfaithevans) on

Stevie J and Faith Evans’ marriage bomb comes on the heels of a sexy clip that Stevie unveiled of their forthcoming music video for their song, “A Minute,” last week, which is set to release on July 27th.


Congrats to Stevie J and Faith Evans on their new journey of love!

Although this is Stevie’s first run around the altar, this will serve as Evans’ third. In 1998, after the passing of her ex-husband, she married Todd Russaw but divorced him in 2011.


See what social media had to say about Stevie J and Faith Evans tying the knot here:


Is this just another storyline for next season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta or nah? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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