Baby Blue from Pretty Ricky Accused of Abusing His Expecting Girlfriend

Things aren’t looking so pretty for Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue.

The mother of his forthcoming child, #BabyDarkBlueSmith, recently took to social media and outed the 35-year-old rapper for allegedly assaulting her while pregnant.

“It’s nothing worse than dealing with a lying, deceiving, womanizing, bipolar, narcissist who’s abusive,” the woman, known by her stage name Red Spice, revealed on her Instagram page. “It’s well overdue that people know the truth about ‘DBS,’ my unborn son’s father.”

In the since-deleted post, she also made claims of being punched in the stomach and choked by Baby Blue. The time frame of the incidents is currently unclear. Spice’s allegations come less than a month after making the pregnancy announcement on her profile.

“You would never think someone you basically grew up with, care for, and deeply love would be this way,” she wrote. “It’s like a crackhead chasing a high that they once had.”

Baby Blue

As for Baby Blue, he has yet to speak out… directly. He did, however, make a tweet, letting the world know how “perfect” of a boyfriend he proclaims to be.

Baby Blue

This isn’t the first time the Love & Hip Hop: Miami star has been at the center of a physical dispute, though. In late 2018, he was accused of attacking a friend of his ex-fiancée, Michelle Carolus of the Double Dose Twins’. The fight reportedly broke out after Carolus called off the engagement and decided to leave the home that they shared.

Domestic violence, of any sort, is never okay. For anyone who has been a victim, never be afraid to use your voice.

Further details surrounding this story have yet to develop.

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