Meet Zelie Timothy, Entrepreneur, Influencer and Tyrese’s New Boo

Just a few weeks ago Zelie Timothy can fly pretty much under the radar, but that all changed when her relationship with Tyrese became social media official. That private life went completely out the window when she posted a video of the singer shaving her private areas on her instagram.

The seemingly misplaced OnlyFans content garnered responses from fans in all corners of life, and it probably takes her up to a new level of fame with posts in types of media outlets. We thought we would give you a quick overview of Tyrese’s new boo, since the world is now so intrigued.  Meet Zelie Timothy with a few facts…

01.  Zelie is an entrepreneur, influencer, video vixen and a YouTuber.  Prior to dating Tyrese she kept a pretty low profile.  And as far as influencers go, she didn’t post much on social media.

02.  She appeared in the Burga and MoneyBagg Yo music video for “Brand New Drip” back in December 2020.

Meet Zelie Timothy
03.  Prior to dating Tyrese, she was tied to rapper Trap Beckham.  They have since purged their social media of each other. She has a daughter.

Tyrese of course announced that he and his wife, Samantha Lee would divorce back in December 2020.  The couple have a 2 year child. Tyrese was married before that as well.  He has another daughter with his first wife, Norma Gibson.

04.  She’s was born in the Dominican Republic, a Leo born July 29, 1995, and she is 25 years old.  Tyrese is 42.

05.  She has had plastic surgery… and it’s not hard to tell.  Scroll through her IG and you can tell there was a clear pre and post surgery look.  Definitely a breast augmentation, but probably something for her butt too.

She posted a video about the breast augmentation journey on her YouTube page.

06.  She charges $28.99 per month to subscribe to her OnlyFans page.

07.  She has come out as a bisexual and has said that she not only prefers women, but also enjoys threesomes when she is dating men.

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