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‘Sistas’: Meet the Men Behind the Cast We Can’t Get Enough Of

Male Cast of Sistas tv series

Fun Facts About the Brothas Who Star in Tyler Perry’s Sistas Series

With the grand opening of Tyler Perry’s new and improved studio came a slew of new film and TV projects from the Hollywood mogul. On October 23rd, Perry successfully premiered his two latest series, The Oval and Sistas, on BET. Bringing in millions of viewers with each of its anticipated debuts, the shows not only gained the New Orleans native a wider audience but also captivated them in a way like no other.

While The Oval gives off a nail-biting soap opera feel, Sistas is the knee-slapping comedy-drama we never knew we needed. It’s an authentic representation of how beautiful sisterhood can be through common connections and unbreakable bonds.

Created, written, and directed by Perry himself, Sistas centers a group of four Black women and their complicated-but-relatable navigation through the modern-day workplace, dating pool, and even social media age. The one-hour dramedy also lightheartedly explores today’s dynamics of relationships and friendships, as the ladies endure many heartbreaks and headaches from both.

However, there’s nothing this girl gang can’t overcome together. With a badass attorney, a risk-taking airport worker, a feisty hairstylist, and a level-headed bank teller rounding out the roster, these women make up the ultimate squad goals.

But, although Andi, Danni, Karen, and Sabrina are the sistas we all enjoy watching, you can’t mention the sistas without mentioning the brothas of the cast who make these chicks’ lives a tad bit more interesting.

Keep scrolling to meet the male cast of Sistas, and get to know the men we can’t seem to get enough of!

Five Facts About Chido Nwokocha

(Gary Marshall Borders – Andi’s married lover)

  1. He’s from Sacramento, California.
  2. He majored in Health Services Administration at Ohio University.
  3. Before acting, he played football.
  4. He also worked in Health/Fitness as a Personal Trainer.
  5. Some of his on-screen credits include TNT’s Murder in the First, The Night Shift, Destroyer, and Days of Our Lives.
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Five Facts About Devale Ellis

(Zac – Karen’s unfaithful boyfriend and Danni’s co-worker)

  1. He’s from Brooklyn, New York
  2. He’s a former football wide receiver.
  3. He and his wife, Khadeen, along with their three sons, have their own show on YouTube, called The Ellises, where they showcase day-to-day family vlogs and skits.
  4. He has millions of followers combined on Facebook and Instagram, due to him and his wife’s viral videos and podcast, Dead Ass.
  5. Prior to Sistas, he was seen on Gotham, NCIS, The Blacklist, and Power.


Five Facts About Brian Jordan, Jr. 

(Maurice Webb – Sabrina’s outspoken, life-of-the-party bank buddy)

  1. He’s from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  2. Along with being an actor, he’s also a singer-songwriter, choreographer, and director.
  3. He trained at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy.
  4. Although he’s worked in creative arts for most of his life, he served as an Event Designer and Banquet Manager for Hyatt Hotels at one point.
  5. Aside from his current role on Sistas, he’s also most recently known for playing in Bolden and the BET film Christmas Belles.

Five Facts About Kevin Walton 

(Aaron Carter – Karen’s potential boo who comes with some baggage)

  1. He’s from Denver, Colorado.
  2. Besides TV/film, he’s a Spiritual Advisor, Leadership Consultant, and Holistic Fitness Instructor.
  3. On his website, he states that he’s a writer, too.
  4. He runs his own YouTube channel, mainly used for life and relationship coaching.
  5. He’s held roles on Bloodline, Duels, and South Beach.
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Five Facts About Anthony Dalton

(Calvin Rodney – Sabrina’s questionable love interest)

  1. He’s from Indianapolis, Indiana.
  2. He played college football at the University of Akron.
  3. At Akron is where he received his degree in Theatre.
  4. He not only acts but produces.
  5. Sistas isn’t the first project he’s done with Tyler Perry. He’s notable for his character, Terrance, on The Paynes.
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Five Facts About Trinity Whitside

(Preston – Danni’s latest love interest)

  1. He married his wife, Nikkia Whiteside, on September 13, 2002. They have three children, Makaiya Young, Nikolas Trinity Whiteside and Skye Jordan Whiteside.
  2. He was born in Asheville, North Carolina
  3. His first acting role was as a football player on BET’s “The Game” in 2013
  4.  He’s 6’2″
  5.  He’s mixed, his father is African-American and his mother is Caucasian.

Originally posted on November 25, 2019

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