Kodak Black’s Ex, Mellow Rackz Shares Thoughts On Latto’s Claim That Some Men Can’t Be Professional

Melody Rackz

Earlier, thanks to Latto, a narrative was circulating that male artists in the industry all want to have sex with any female artist in the game. While most people kept mute about this, Kodak’s ex has jumped in, admittedly, because she was asked a question. Mellow Rackz responded to Latto, who made the earlier statement about male artists unprofessionalism.

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In an interview with Rap Clout, Mellow Rackz shared her views on Latto’s opinion about male artists. It turns out She doesn’t see things the way Latto does.

She responded to Latto, stating that if she is aware of how sexy she is, then she should cover up.

According to Kodak’s ex, Mellow, Latto is meant to know what to expect when she appears in a certain way.

“Put up a jacket and dress accordingly,” Mellow emphasized.

In the interview, she also made it clear that the alleged artists unprofessionalism is a thing that usually happens in life. She urges other female artists to watch what they say and act professionally to avoid unnecessary advances.

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Latto has been laying out lots of grievances lately. The reason for this particular complaint on male artists attitude was said in an interview she had recently. There she complained about how hard it is to get features for her recent album-777.

According to Latto, “I have been trying to clear my album lately, but its been difficult to deal with these men. They don’t know how to keep it business.”

When asked what she meant, she implied that some male artists wanted sex before having anything to do with her album.

Latto later declined to name the artist specifically, saying that she did not want to shame anyone.

Nevertheless, fans assumed that she was talking about Kodak Black, who previously has been known for sexual advances with artists.

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