Woman Claiming To Be Niece Of The Late Kim Porter Files Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against Diddy

Woman Claiming To Be Niece of the Late Kim Porter Files Lawsuit Against Diddy

A woman claiming that she is the late Kim Porter’s niece filed a lawsuit against Diddy.

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According to TMZ, Sean “Diddy” Combs, or “Love” as he prefers to be called these days, is being sued by an unidentified person who claims she was wrongfully terminated by him. The young lady, who is referred to as “Jane Doe”, alleges Diddy, Tri Star Sports, and other entities fired her from work when she revealed she was pregnant.

The young lady claims she was hired to serve as a full-time nanny to Diddy’s twin daughters, (The Combs Twins) D’Lila Star Combs, and Jessie James Combs, after their mother Kim Porter tragically passed away in November of 2018. After working for two years, she claims she was fired after requesting maternity leave, shortly before the time-off was set to begin.

According to her account, a representative for Diddy informed her she was fired for being pregnant and unmarried, an alleged bad example for Diddy’s teenage daughters.

A spokesperson representing Diddy provided a statement to TMZ, insisting “This lawsuit is a meritless shakedown to extort money from Mr. Combs.”

The statement continues to identify the former nanny as a woman named Raven, saying there is no basis for her to remain anonymous. It also explained Diddy’s side of the story, detailing how the young lady’s transition out of what was always meant to be a temporary role was planned out before her pregnancy.

“Raven is not the niece of Kim Porter as she falsely alleges; nor is there any legal basis for this case to be filed under the anonymity as a ‘Jane Doe’. Raven was a part-time babysitter to the twins who Mr. Combs kept on the job back in 2018 to provide continuity for the twins following the untimely death of their mother. Mr. Combs graciously permitted Raven to live in his home with her son and treated them like ‘family,’” he says in the statement.

Additionally, a source reportedly confirmed with TMZ that the woman is not related to Kim Porter or Diddy. Nor has the amount the young lady is suing for been disclosed.

The statement continued, “Mr. Combs will take swift and immediate action to protect his family against these false claims.”

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