Kanye West Returns To ‘Drink Champs’ To Address His Latest Antics & Antisemitic Attacks On Social Media

Kanye West Returns To 'Drink Champs' To Address His Latest Antics & Antisemitic Attacks On Social Media

Kanye West returns to Drink Champs to address his antisemitic social media comments, why he wore the White Lives Matter T-Shirt, Adidas, JP Morgan and a lot more!

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Ladies and gentlemen, the BET Hip-Hop Award-winning podcast has done it again and proven why they are the best podcast by far! Drink Champs interviews Kanye West, now legally known as Ye, and lets him have what I personally believe he has wanted all along…a chance to tell his side of the story!

The announcement of Ye on Drink Champs for a third time began with a barrage of tweets from N.O.R.E. letting us know that Kanye West would be their next guest, and to be ready to hear it all at 9pm ET streaming on REVOLT TV, but for some reason the podcast was not available causing many to create buzz on social media. Then the news spread that the podcast would actually begin at 11pm ET, not 9pm ET, with apologizes from N.O.R.E.

At 11pm ET sharp, the podcast’s 41st episode of its 6th season appeared with none other than the most controversial artist the hip-hop, and maybe even the music industry as a collective has ever known, Ye West.

The interview starts off with N.O.R.E. doing what he does best and getting to the hard questions. Now, I know a lot of you feel as though N.O.R.E. is a terrible interviewer, but if you pay close attention, his ability to slip in a question that in another interview format may not get answered is a gift! His first question to Ye was, what happened with Adidas?

Ye says he did not have the relationship with the factories associated with the fashion world that he wanted when he began his Yeezy clothing line, as well as having a lot going on in his personal life, so he needed the deal with Adidas to get his ideas on the shelves.

This question became a segway right into why Kanye made the “antisemitic” comments that he tweeted on Twitter. The interview is only 43 mins long, or at least the edited version released to the public, and only 4 mins in, Ye begins to break down his comments and viewpoint in much greater detail.

The interview ends with Ye explaining why he is still running for office in the year 2024 and is to be continued. As you can see, during the interview he is wearing a black hat with the numbers 2024 stitched in white on the brim, much adjacent to the White Lives Matter T-shirt he wore standing beside Candace Owens at his Yeezy fashion show in Paris two weeks ago.

The last question from N.O.R.E. hanging in the balance until the remainder of the interview is released is why are cities in America like Chicago, where former President Barak Obama and Ye are from, murder capitals but places like Little Rock Arkansas, where former President Bill Clinton is from, are now thriving communities? Do y’all think Ye has the answer? Let us know what you think after watching the interview in the comments! Watch the full interview below.

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