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Our Favorite Iconic Red Hair Looks By Female Artists

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Female celebrities especially artists are fond of trying out new hairstyles but it takes more than courage to wear a red look. Red hair is a color that not many dare to try, but you can bet that these famous stars wore these looks better than any devil. The fiery intensity and obvious glamour of red hair can’t be denied.

Red hair is more than a fashion statement; it’s a way of life. It’s an assertive stance that speaks confidence. Each red hairstyle is distinct from the others, from fringe to red highlights to pure red color. Moreso, you can’t dispute the impact of a good red hairstyle, whether you’re a natural redhead or just a fan of the color.

We have compiled a list of fantastic celebrities who not only owned this color but also showed that you can make it work by looking adventurous, bold, and gorgeous. We hope that this will inspire you to try something new!

Female Celebrities Who Owned Iconic Red Hairstyles

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan thee Stallion red hairstyle look

The artist known for her hit single “Plan B” has taken the internet by storm after she ditched her natural black hair color in favor of an amazing new shade of hair, which is, you probably have guessed it, red! She just recently made a post on Instagram exhibiting a couple of photographs, but the one that caught everyone’s attention was the one in which her fiery red hair was arranged to perfection and framed her lovely face.

Megan had also worn a red look when she graced the Forbes 30 under 30 summit in October 2023 with her breathtaking outfit, turning attention and captivating eyeballs at her audaciously unconventional red look. She rocked her new hair color in a slicked down half up half down hairdo paired with enormous curls that gave her hair the last touches it required to complete the appearance.


Sexy Redd

The emerging star artist behind “Pound Town” and the billboard artist behind “Pound Town 2” featuring Nicki Minaj have always painted the Town in a vivid red color.

A few months ago, she posted yet another photo to her Instagram account, this time sporting a long, bone-straight wig in a flaming red color. Through the use of her page, she demonstrates in a non-restrictive manner the many ways that red hair can be worn and styled.


Nicki Minaj

Leading the pack is arguably the most famous female musician of all time, who went from an all-pink persona to a red and pink ombré hairstyle for her song “Red Ruby the sleeze.

The singer who has had a number of hits, including “Barbie world,” “Pills and potions,” and “Starship,” never ceased to amaze us as she nailed this look to perfection, and she complemented it with a whip. I dare to argue that red has never looked more seductive!



A person’s hair color has a lot of connotations for them, but you should never be afraid to try something new. These celebs have proven that the color red can be both daring and attractive. Feel free to let your fiery locks do the talking and embrace your inner redhead. So go ahead and dye your hair a daring color.

Additionally, you can explore our suggestions for celebrity hairstyles for some inspiration.

Who is your favorite look from our female artists’ red hairstyles list? Tell us in the comments

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