Review: DJ Self ft. Ca$h Out, Uncle Murda, Fresco Kane & King Louie – “Epic (freestyle)”

It is not readily apparent whether “Epic (Freestyle)”, in which DJ Self gathers some new Epic signees-Ca$h Out, Uncle Murda, Fresco Kane and King Louie–and sets them loose, is kicked off the dome, but there is strong evidence to suggest so. The helter-skelter arrangement of the bars, the stop and stutter flow, the pregnant pauses and repetitive structures that are a hallmark of such raps are present here, along with enough smooth bars to be considered probable evidence of a more garden variety freestyle.

Uncle Murda shows out particularly well, laying down the tightest rhymes, including a nice slant of “stupid heavy” and “bezels” (honest to God, it should not–could not!–work, but he actually manages to make the pair come something close to rhyming; how he shattered the rules of English I cannot fathom).

King Louie’s laid back style serves him well here as well, letting the East Side of Chicago spitter meander, a fine counter point to Fresco Kane’s faster flow.

“Epic (Freestyle)” has some things going for it, but overall it just seems too thrown together to live up to its potential. The end result is a session that is decidedly less than the sum of its parts.

Download: “Epic (Freestyle)” – HERE

“Epic (Freestyle)” receives a PA


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