Survival Stories: Celebrities Who Survived Assassination Attempts

Survival Stories: Celebrities Who Survived Assassination Attempts
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Throughout history, several famous figures have faced harrowing encounters with assassination attempts, yet defied the odds to emerge alive. In this exploration, we delved into the stories of five celebrities who escaped deadly assassination attempts on their lives.

5 Famous Celebrities Who Survived Deadly Assassination Attempts

  • 50 CENT

Curtis Jackson, popularly known by his stage name, 50 Cent, is one of the celebrities who have survived an assassination attempt.

If you are a fan of 50 Cent or rap music, you’d have most likely heard the story of how he got shot nine times and still survived, daring right?

On May 24, 2000. Curtis was sitting in a car outside his grandmother’s house when a black vehicle pulled up next to him. A man got outside the vehicle and fired 9 shots at him with a 9mm handgun.

The shot hit him on several parts of his body including his face, arms and legs. It nearly cost him his life but thankfully, people responded swiftly as he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he ended up spending 13 days recovering from the injuries sustained from the shooting.

50 cent bounced back from this incident as he gained motivation from it. He took his rap career more seriously, which earned him his reputation and eventually garnered the attention of Dr. Dre.

He proceeded to establish himself as one of the most successful and impactful rappers in history, alongside thriving as a prosperous entrepreneur, actor, and producer.


John David Jackson, recognized by his stage moniker Fabolous, is an American rapper hailing from Brooklyn. He initially rose to prominence showcasing his talents during a live performance on DJ Clue’s Hot 97 radio show.

On an eventful Tuesday morning in October 2006, the Brooklyn rapper sustained a gunshot wound to the leg while standing in a Manhattan parking garage, subsequently leading to his arrest and transportation to a hospital for medical attention.

An unidentified individual approached the MC and three members of his crew shortly after they departed an NFL players’ event at Diddy’s downtown restaurant, Justin’s. The assailant fired a single shot into the right thigh of the MC, as reported by New York Police Department Spokesperson Sergeant Mike Wysokowski.

When questioned by reporters, Fabolous adamantly denied witnessing the shooter. Likewise, his associates Rascharm Davis, 29, and Percell German, 23, maintained that they did not observe the assailant. Kevin Bass, 18, the third individual arrested, declined to provide any comment.


Marion Hugh “Suge” Knight, an American music executive and convicted felon, co-founded and served as the former CEO of Death Row Records. He played a pivotal role in the commercial rise of gangsta rap during the 1990s.

Suge was shot in a nightclub in 2014 in a party hosted by singer, Chris Brown. He ended up suing the host and the owners of the nightclub after the incident that nearly ended his life. 

In the lawsuit lodged in Los Angeles Superior Court, Brown and the nightclub 1 Oak are accused of inadequate security measures and permitting at least one armed individual to enter the venue during the event.

In the lawsuit lodged in Los Angeles Superior Court, Brown, and the nightclub owners were accused of inadequate security measures and permitting at least one-armed individual to enter the venue during the event.


Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, professionally known as Megan Thee Stallion, is an American rapper. Hailing from Houston, Texas, she initially gained recognition as videos of her freestyling gained popularity on social media platforms like Instagram.

In July 2020, Megan was shot by her fellow rapper, Tory Lanez upon departing from a gathering hosted at the residence of celebrity Kylie Jenner.

During his trial, the defendant was convicted of all three charges brought against him by prosecutors: assault with a firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm, and reckless discharge of a firearm for injuring the victim.

Megan did not attend the sentencing in court but provided a written statement, stating: “It’s time for the defendant to finally confront the severe repercussions of his atrocious actions and be held accountable for his crimes.”


Robert Nesta Marley, a Jamaican reggae singer, guitarist, and songwriter, is celebrated as one of the trailblazers of the genre. Marley expertly combined reggae, ska, and rock steady influences in his music, earning acclaim for his unique vocal delivery and songwriting prowess.

On December 3, 1976, a group of seven armed men attacked the home of reggae musician Bob Marley in Kingston, Jamaica, just two days before Marley was scheduled to perform a concert, as part of an endeavor to mitigate ongoing violence.

Politicians spanning various political ideologies sought to leverage Bob Marley’s endorsement. Despite Marley’s stance of neutrality, he was perceived by many as subtly endorsing Prime Minister Michael Manley and his political faction.

In an interview accessible on YouTube, Marley revealed that although he did not personally witness the gunman during the assassination attempt, he was acquainted with the individual who sought to end his life.

When questioned by the interviewer about whether those accountable for the assassination attempt had been apprehended, Marley replied, “No, not by a court or police.” In July 1977, Marley received a diagnosis of malignant melanoma beneath the nail of his right big toe, ultimately resulting in his death.

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