Courtney B. Vance Stars in the Upcoming Film ‘Heist 88’ Coming to Showtime and Paramount+

Legendary serious actor and husband of Angela Bassett, Courtney B. Vance, stars in the upcoming film Heist 88, coming to Showtime and Paramount+ this fall! 

Heist 88 is a crime thriller based on a true story, in which Vance, 63, plays Jeremy Horne, a “criminal mastermind with an innate ability to convince anyone to do just about anything, who decides to pull one last job before going to prison,” according to PEOPLE.

In Heist 88, Horne “recruits four young bank employees to steal close to $80 million in a daring and brazen assault on the U.S. banking system.”

The film takes place in 1988 Chicago, a time “before widespread computerization and the vast cybersecurity of today,” notes the synopsis.

The heart-pounding trailer opens with Horne giving his new recruits a rundown of the plan inside an airport, including orders to “board separately” and “don’t speak to each other.”

Soon after, authorities are seen hustling toward Horne and one of his recruits as they stand near a pay phone.

Heist 88 Staring Courtney B. Vance Official Trailer

Directed by Menhaj Huda, of The Flash TV series, Heist 88 is written by Dwayne Johnson-Cochran and also features Vance as a producer alongside his wife Angela Bassett under their Bassett Vance Productions. It is co-produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and Gunpowder & Sky.

The film reunites Vance with two former costars: Bentley Green, whom he appeared alongside in the AMC drama series 61st Street, and Keesha Sharp, whom Vance starred in with The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.

Executive producers on Heist 88 include Amal Baggar, Mychael Chinn and Donny Hugo Herran for MTV Entertainment Studios, as well as Carlos Lugo as executive in charge of production.

Bassett, 65, Vance, Johnson-Cochran and Lynnette Ramirez also executive produced for Bassett Vance Productions, alongside Van Toffler and Barry Barclay for Gunpowder & Sky.

Heist 88 will launch Sept. 29 on streaming and on demand for all Showtime and Paramount+ before making its on-air debut Oct. 1 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Who is ready to see Courtney B. Vance as a criminal mastermind in the new film Heist 88 coming to Showtime and Paramount+? Let us know in the comments below!

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