Michael Rapaport Slams DJ Akademiks Over “Dusty” Rapper Comments

Michael Rapaport Slams Akademiks

Hip-hop fans are not allowing DJ Akademiks’ any breathing space since his “Dusty” rapper comments regarding the oldies in the industry. LL Cool J and Russell Simmons have jumped on the issue to address the comments almost after they were made. Just yesterday, Michael Rapaport jumped on the train. He went hard however compared to the rest. In the new video he posted on his social media page on Friday, Michael Rapaport slams DJ Akademiks really much.

“I’m not gonna be as polite as the great LL COOL J, Russell Simmons, anybody else that spoken on this bum-a** clown, dusty, dirty, bum-a**, short, fat, bloated, goofy, no-talent little s**t, Akademiks, disrespecting the people who built Hip Hop,” He went.“You’re not a DJ. You don’t cut, you don’t scratch, you don’t produce. You’re not a DJ, so stop calling yourself DJ,”

“For him to disrespect the people that built this s**t, that built Hip-Hop, that changed every single thing. Shut this dude down.” Michael added.

The American actor and comedian had taken a lighter approach on Thursday when he first addressed the issue. In the Instagram video he posted on his Instagram page, he reminisced about the oldies and founding fathers of Hip-Hop – the likes of Kool Herc, DJ Busy B, Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, and others for paving the way.

“respectfully this is not an attack on your ignorance or any one person lets all begin to acknowledge the contribution of the masterminds of hip hop without them there is no us all love baby bro,” Michael captioned the video.

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