Milli Vanilli Biopic In The Works, First Look At The Cast

Milli Vanilli biopic
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Late 80s/90s pop duo, Milli Vanilli are said to have a movie in the works. This speculation has been ongoing since early 2021. After years of trying to secure the rights to their music, the Milli Vanilli biopic is finally on it’s way.

The Milli Vanilli biopic is a film based on the rise and fall of German duo Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus.  Kevin Liles, who was a co-write the group’s hit song ‘Girl, You Know It’s True’ will serve as the film’s executive producer.  The anticipated title of the film is also, Girl You Know It’s True.

In 1998, Rob Pilatus passed from an accidental overdose. This movie will be something to help keep his memory alive.  Omar Cy and the twin French Dancers Les Twins have been suggested to portray the Milli Vanilli members, but in the end Tijan Nije (Pilatus) and Elan Ben Ali (Morvan) were cast to play the duo.  Matthias Schweighöfer plays German music producer Frank Farian, the man who formulated Milli Vanilli.


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Not everyone is happy about the people who are supposedly going to portray the Milli Vanilli members. This is what one fan had to say about the not-so-look-a-likes.

Not a lot is being said about the movie right now but Fab Morvan has taken to Instagram on several occasions. He has announced the creation of the movie and continuously thanked all of their supporters for their love and patience.

The group has a complicated story. They were discovered as dancers in Germany. After Farian chose Fab and Rob to be the faces of his musical project, they were brought to the states to front the group. They went on to earn a Best New Artist Grammy in 1990, which was a big accomplishment for the group.  After it was revealed that they were lip-syncing the Award was revoked and the duo returned the award.

Farian famously revealed that the duo never actually sang on any of the records. This is after they were exposed during a MTV performance in 1989. There was a hard drive skipping issue that outed them.

The Milli Vanilli movie is sure to be an emotional one. We are all looking forward to the release of this film in the near future.

Are you looking forward to the Milli Vanilli biopic?

photo credit:  Ron Galella / Contributor  |  Getty Images

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