[WATCH] Mandella Eskia Premieres His #CovidBars Freestyle

Mandella Eskia 2020 feature
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Parlé Magazine recently launched our YouTube based weekly web series titled, #CovidBars.  The series is an opportunity to reflect on the various elements of life since Covid-19 brought us into quarantine back in March, while examining what happens next, while we make it through these phases of post-quarantine life.  One of the weekly segments for the series is the#CovidBars emcee feature.  On the premiere episode we feature Harlem native emcee, Mandella Eskia. Formerly known as Crimdella, we interviewed the artist back in 2016 when he released his debut EP.

5 Facts About Mandella Eskia To Help You Get Familiar with the Emcee

Mandella Eskia

  1. Mandella Eskia is the youngest son of legendary Pan African activist Elombe Brath, who pioneered the Black is Beautiful Movement amongst other things and has a street named after him on Harlem’s 125th street.
  2. Mandella Eskia’s mother, Helene Nomsa Brathwaite was instrumental in fighting and succeeding in getting asbestos removed from New York City Public schools in the 70’s. She was President of the Parents Teacher Association and Chairperson of the Parents’ Committee of PS 185/208.

  3. Mandella Eskia’s artist name is actually his first and middle name. He also met his namesake (Nelson Mandela) at 6 years old in Harlem.

  4. Mandella is working on a new project titled WE THE GODS which will be available on all streaming platforms in the fall of 2020. His last two projects Bury Me in Gold Vol. 1 Bury Me in Gold Vol. 2 have garnered over 100k streams across all platforms and, are entirely produced by NYC based producer @MNDCFT.

  5. He’s also a comic/anime nerd and hopes to write and create his own anime at some point in his career.

Check out Mandella Eskia’s #CovidBars Freestyle exclusive premiere below:

Watch the full video interview with Mandella Eskia on #CovidBars HERE.

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