W.O.W Boyz… “Who’s Next?” feature

As soon as you walk into a room with these guys, you already know something special is brewing. They have the look of a talented group and with their manager, Ashanti Middleton, close by taking phone calls and arranging meetings and photo shoots on the iphone, you know something special is ahead for these guys. They call themselves the W.O.W Boyz, because they only intend on winning. For Eaz, D. Will, Jiggs, Guise, & Rello, winning is just the tip of the iceberg.

Parlé: How did you guys come together to form this group?
W.O.W Boyz: (Eaz) Pretty much, well Guise is my cousin, but other than that we all just pretty much friends. We always around each other and we all knew that we had talent. We were all on our solo stuff first, then we started recording together and it just kinda formed


Parlé: How long have you all been recording together as a group?
W.O.W Boyz: (Guise) We’ve been an official group for about a year now, we just took the time to get the sound right. We keep working together, we didn’t want to start telling people we were a group until we had our sound right

Parlé: Try to describe the right sound for me. What can people expect when they hear the W.O.W Boyz?
W.O.W Boyz: (Guise) Right now, our sound is just pure hip hop you know what I’m saying. It’s not no gangster rap, aint none of that, we just focus on music, having fun, saying what needs to be said. We not “good” boys, but at the same time we do make sure we get everything across. Our music is all around music, no cursing on some songs, and when we do you don’t even notice the cursing, it’s just like real hip hop.


Parlé: How did the name of the group come about?
W.O.W Boyz: (Eaz) I thought about it because it was like in no way shape or form do we want to lose. We always in the winning mind, we always striving for perfection in a way. Our music is not set for one audience, we don’t cater to one person. The W.O.W. Boyz stands for we only win you. We’re fighting for our inspiration, to say pretty much you can always win in any situation, it’s never a loss. You should always have it in your mind that everything is going to come out perfect regardless what you’re doing, so the name came from there, everybody here we’re successful on what they were doing in the past, with the dancing (D. Will & and singing (D. Will); Rello is a choreographer, he’s also a rapper and he’s also into fashion. Everybody has multiple talents

Parlé: Do you got some shows coming up?
W.O.W Boyz: (Guise) To be honest, we all been on stage, but as far as the group goes we just in the studio hard. This is our official summer where we gonna do everything. We shooting our first video like in a month and then we got our youtube, blogs, just trying to hit at once. We don’t want them just to see us at the show, they will be able to comment on our web page or see a video of us up on youtube, we want to hit them hard so they won’t forget us.


Parlé: Where do you see yourselves in a year from now?
W.O.W Boyz: (Rello) A year from now I can see us successful, I see our album getting to everybody cause when we in the studio our mind is set. I think pretty much Jay-z was right when he said the problem with Hip-Hop is that people are scared to be themselves. They are afraid to show that they had their hearts broken or that somebody got the best of them or they got moments that they feel uninspired you know what I’m saying. Our music is honest, straight honest cause if we talk about heart break you gonna get it from everybody, nobody gonna play tough.
(Guise) A year from now I see ourselves being a house hold name hopefully a name that can be compared to a lot of other people, the W.O.W Boyz can be put up there with the Fugees and all that and go down in history hopefully

Parlé: There are a lot of Hip-Hop groups in the industry and they all got different tendencies are you guys like a Pretty Ricky or like Boyz ‘N The Hood?
W.O.W Boyz: (laughs as they all look around)


Parlé: The reason I picked those two, Boyz ‘N The Hood were a bunch of rappers but each of them did they own thing and they all tried to put out separate albums. Pretty Ricky were a bunch of rappers with the singer and they could dance. Not saying you are identical, but which one would you lean towards and what would make you different?
W.O.W Boyz: (Guise) I think we would be more awkward (laughs), you gotta think the Fugees, they were the same—the Fugees or the Black Eyed Peas, cause it’s like we always bring something that is unexpected not trying to say that Pretty Ricky or Boyz ‘N The Hood didn’t do something unexpected, but since you already seen the image you already expect something. The Black Eyed Peas you seen them and you don’t know where they gonna come from you, know what im saying, you don’t know how they are going to attract your attention but when they do you know it, you feel it.
(Jiggs) Another thing, what separates us is our music. We not set in one genre, we can come real party, straight something for the ladies, we can pretty much hit you anyway and it’s not necessarily gonna be all of us on one song it can be just a song with just him by himself (pointing to Rello). Or just me and him (pointing to D. Will). It’s so different, we don’t have no limitations.
(Eaz) We let the music speak to us first, a lot of times now a lot of artists will jump on a track if a beat is just hot, they just want to spit anything to it and there’s not so much of a point. With us, we will literally sit and listen to a whole song before we write anything and if it doesn’t touch at least two or 3 of us we not gonna mess with it, even if it can be hot ass hell, but if it don’t say something to us or move us in a certain way we not gonna mess with it. I think now-a-days, a lot of new artists and a lot of artists that’s been selling, that’s what they are doing. They not letting the music speak, they just writing because they just want to finish the track. We trying to bring back the days where you play a track and you feel it. Its not gonna be like ‘oh it’s a hot radio track’ so let’s do it.

Parlé: Do you produce your own music?
W.O.W Boyz: (Guise) Naw, we work with like local producers , we got a couple of local producers that we go to the studio with and we just get creative and brainstorm.

D. Will

Parlé: Any final words ya want to put out there?
W.O.W Boyz: (Eaz) I pretty much hope that people are open minded to just accepting real music
(Guise) The last thing I wanna say is that W.O.W Boyz is here, it’s about to get real crazy out here because talent is back, no more lollipop rappers.
(Jiggs) I just want people to name other teams where they can find rappers that’s gonna battle you—we can all actually battle on real records or start dancing and battle. We are sharp to any situation, we will shut it down and we can go all night.
(D. Will) Its self explanatory, we are here to win. Our music is very different like he said we can do every aspect of the game music wise, dance wise, rap wise, if we don’t make it dancing we gonna make it singing, either way, we gonna make it.

images by Christian Ortiz

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