David Rousseau – Music Video Man

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South Florida has more heat not related to weather than ever. With the acquisition of Lebron James and Chris Bosh to the Miami Heat basketball, one would think, how it would get any hotter? Music video director David Rousseau has sent a scorcher over the city and our television screens. Hopping on the scene after a career in broadcast television in 2008, he started his production company, CreativeSeen. He has since become a staple director among the big names in music. Recently picked to shoot 12 music videos for Lil Wayne’s Young Money/Cash Money label, David sees the world as his next conquest. We got the chance to talk to the man behind the lens.

Parlé Magazine: In the past year you accumulated some accolades, how is it being a music video director?

David Rousseau:  It’s a whole lot of fun especially having a chance to work with some of the artists like Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Lil Jon and the rest of the Cash Money artists. It’s been a real honor and a lot of work to get to this point. I started doing street videos then gradually worked my way up there. It’s cool and it’s definitely a dream come true.

Parlé: Was making the transition from broadcast television to music video directing easy?

David: There are a lot of similarities. It’s two different worlds but at the same time it is still about being creative and working with deadlines.

Parlé: Directing is a competitive business, what is your drive?

David: My drive is to do better and be able to work with as many different artists as possible; it is not about being stuck on one genre. I’m competing against myself, not to be complacent and think about what I already accomplished but what I can accomplish. I’m not going to sit back after seeing my video on television and say “I’m good.”

Parlé: When an artist approaches you for a video, what is the process like?

David: Sometimes the label or artist sends you a track and we usually collaborate. I see it as creating a suit for the artist, I want to make sure they are there for me to measure them, make sure the length is good and it’s not too tight. I want to make that suit the best possible, I want the artist to tell me they dislike or like the fabric. When the artist has a say they are more hyped and will step up their performance.

Parlé: Do you approach a music video as a film or just music in visual form?

David: Some of them are films but most are a visual performance. Since some artists don’t tour around the whole country a kid in Omaha, Nebraska may not see a Lil Wayne concert so sometimes it’s about capturing that performance.

Parlé: Working with such a huge talent in Lil Wayne, has that made you step your game up?

David: With Wayne I had to be prepared and on point, he comes in goes right in front of the camera and that’s it. I had to be ready to hit it the moment he stepped out of his trailer and hit it the best because he’s giving his best. It was like being on the court with Jordan.

Parlé: There was a leak of the “I’m Not a Human Being” video. How do you feel about that?

David: That’s the part that pisses you off because it’s not the finished product. When you’re working with someone so big and there is so much anticipation it’s one of those things that’s going to happen. It was inevitable because Lil Wayne is such a big artist.

Parlé: Would you want to continue music videos or go on to feature films?

David: The obvious answer is yes, but I love doing music videos and I don’t see it as a stepping stone. It would be like you’re dating a girl just to get another girl. I love music videos so I’m going to date her as long as I can.

Parlé: What advice would you give an aspiring video director?

David: The important thing is to always think visually, every lyric, every snare drum, every hook and every bass line. Always be ready to be inspired by whatever you see and love all types of music. Labels might dissuade you but never take “no” for an answer. The more practice you have the better you will become.

Parlé: What can we expect from you in the future?

David: We’re working with Pitbull with his new album, and we’re trying to diversify and work with some Spanish artists. We’re also working with World musicians like the Nigerian artist, Cortez. We want to go with a global field.

Lil’ Wayne – I’m Not A Human Being Directed by David Rousseau

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