A Quick Lesson In Economics

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been broke since before the recession hit. Economics or Gettin’ Money 101 isn’t just about how to obtain money, but also how to keep and properly secure it.

I took an Economics course a long time ago; passed it with C- only because I was taking it at 8 a.m. (nothing in this world can be learned with one blood shot eye). While taking the course it dawned on me that as a culture we are too frivolous with money. I have and still do waste my money on so much unneeded bullshit so I can’t be one to judge but I can see a need for change. I’m talking about investing what little money we do have for a greater good. Every time I turn on the TV I see MTV Cribs or some rap video and I grow envious, wishing that was my life instead of their own. I often get vexed watching rap videos seeing some no name rapper flaunting a wad full of cash telling me; I gets it, I got it, you should stop hatin’.

It gets worse when I’m out and I see a friend of mine spending their whole paycheck trying to get “iced out”. It’s getting to the point where I go to club and see broke dudes blowing their rent money trying to make it rain.

I would love to flash cash and live fast but I can’t so I don’t. My main prerogative in life is to live as best I can without acquiring any massive debt. If you have a 9 to 5 or are grindin’, use your time and money wisely.

Comedian Chris Rock once distinguished the difference between being rich and being wealthy. He explained, loosely that wealth is passed down through the generations and it’s awfully hard to lose your wealth. On the other hard being rich you can blow all your money on drugs or a bad investment. Bill Gates is wealthy, MC Hammer used to be rich, The Kennedy’s are wealthy, Tyler Perry is rich.

Instead of spending our money on cars, rims and clothes, let’s take that same energy and reinvest in our own communities. Its hard not to notice but in every largely black neighborhood, we have Chinese carryout spots. Nothing against them but at the end of the day they take their money home and dispense it among their own families. Let’s buy some land, stocks, bonds or put our money towards an education.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to party like a rock star, but please get your priorities in order first. I’d honestly rather be broke with all my bills paid of than to be ballin’ and owe everyone.

The measure of life is not duration but donation. Besides money isn’t always evil, how it’s spent is what provides it the determining factor. It’s all about economics.

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