One World. One Beauty. One Nest. You Glow Now

Two Organizations tackle female Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

Nothing could have been more perfect than two female entrepreneurs teaming up for one mutual cause at a place that represents the basis of what both women’s establishments stand for, health, beauty and empowerment.

You Glow Now, a collection of Isotonix supplements, Motives mineral makeup, and rejuvenating skincare products was founded by Anna Kauppila, whose goal is to help women across the United States achieve beauty from the inside out.  In her search for charities that she could collude with for a greater cause she came across Nest and its founder Rebecca Kousky. The non-profit organization Nest was founded to give women artisans around the world the opportunity to become business owners through granting loans in exchange for goods.


The event was held at PURE East, a yoga studio in NYC located at 203 E. 86th street at 3rd avenue on Thursday May 13th 2010. Women from all realms and of all colors gathered that evening in support of the event. After being checked in the women were guided by volunteers to each station of You Glow Now products. There were tables held for Motives cosmetics, skincare, nail polishes and Isotonix supplements. One hundred percent of the profits from the night’s sales went to the Nest organization.


The station reserved for Motives cosmetics, which are in fact more pigmented than Mac cosmetics, was lined up with ladies who sampled lip glosses, eye shadows, and body bling foundation. “I’m too cute,” said customer Christina Weathers who is an account technician for the Department of Justice in NYC. Christina, who usually is scared to try brighter colors because of her darker complexion, said the eye shadow Fantasy worked for her.  After having the pleasure of discussing in depth the products of You Glow Now with founder Kauppila, I learned that its cosmetics were built to compliment all shades of women.

The supplements you use, makeup you wear and food you take in, all affect your overall wellness, which is what Kaopilla says You Glow Now strives for. Sara Sessions of You Glow Now gave me details about the Isotonix line. Their basis is a power form vitamin that is absorbed as a liquid. By drinking your vitamins instead of taking them in a pill form you receive fifty five percent more of its nutrients. Isotonix targets the digestive system, intestinal track, and strengthens the vascular system. The line consists of multi vitamins, pre-natal vitamins, omegas, and vitamins C and B. You Glow Now contributes to women’s empowerment by allowing them to glow from the inside out. Nest takes a different approach.

Nest was founded by Rebecca Kousky in St. Louis four years ago. The microfinance nonprofit organization has a mission to empower women in developing nations by giving them the opportunity to overcome male dominance. By using the small loans that Nest provides them with to launch small arts and craft based businesses, the women artists are able to gain their own livelihood and individuality. Because of Nest’s unique loan agreement the women are not indebted to them. Their loans are paid off in an exchange for product that is sold in NY.

Kousky travels to different nations around the world building relationships with foreign female artist. By doing so she is able to form primary contacts that in turn reach out and continue to discover future business owners for Nest to work with. Through these interactions sometimes different contacts are formed, for instance, by one native of Turkey introducing another cousin or aunt to a Nest representative. “The organization is formal but also informal” disclosed NYC Board President of Nest, Amy Schoenberger. “We meet a lot of women and sometimes end up cooking and dancing with them in their homes.”

Anna Kauppila (left) with our reporter Tina Pellicci

Though the two organizations take a different avenue while doing so, both Nest and You Glow Now contribute to the empowerment of women. The connection between the two is women entrepreneurship. “By taking care of yourself tonight, you’ll be taking care of the world,” Anna Kauppila concluded.

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