Class Warfare: Republicans vs Republicans


Republicans Vs Republicans.

It would appear that the unfairness of our system and the inequalities and injustices that more and more Americans are feeling, have materialized into feelings of anger and resentment toward the status quo and the indignant nature of the policies of those in charge in Washington.

The other day on The Ed Show, a reality about America was revealed, and it should scare the oligarchs that keep feeding us injustice and inequality. Slowly but surely livelong Republicans are starting to realize that they are being duped and swindled. They are realizing that those in the seat of power in Washington are not even pretending to care about them anymore. More and more everyone is starting to ask, “Why can’t we tax the rich more fairly? Why don’t corporations pay more taxes?”

According to the Washington Post/Abc News poll, 72% of Americans are in favor of raising taxes on incomes over $250,000 (the rich). Of all independent voters 68% of them favor raising the same taxes, and of Republican voters 54% of them favor raising taxes on the wealthy making over $250,000 per year.  Undoubtedly it was those same feelings of anger and resentment that spring boarded the Republicans to lead the House of Representatives this fall. But the Republicans are faltering. They no longer can hide the true nature of their corporate agendas. They can no longer pretend to be for the people when they forsake the very people that voted for them with their policies.

The Republicans are not alone in abandoning those who voted for them. President Obama must be very careful, because he is just as guilty with his economic policies of forgetting those who voted for him. When he puts in place the very same people to head the financial regulatory committees and the treasury that were working for the banks that defrauded the U.S. and the world, bringing us to the edge of a financial meltdown, you have to wonder where his loyalties lie. We’ve seen lately, with the election season looming large on the horizon, President Obama speaking more to the left progressives in his speeches. Hopefully he can capitalize on the momentum created by the Republican’s indignant rhetoric.

Paul Ryan and his attack on the poor and middle class are quickly falling out of style, because more and more Americans are realizing that they are the very ones being attacked. As a life-long Republican constituent of Paul’s said recently, “we are wrong.”  Everyone is realizing the rich don’t pay enough, corporations don’t pay enough. I don’t mean to hate on the Republicans either, but we need to hate the injustice that we face. The poor and middle class still pay the majority of taxes, but Republicans want us to believe that the rich in charge pay too much? People don’t believe it anymore. Not even the Republicans themselves.

Change is coming, let hope that it’s a change the favors us the working poor and middle class, Republican and Democrat, rather than the rich who have been favored in the policies of the last 30 years.

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