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Starz releases the Season 2 ‘Power’ Trailer

Starz - Power
The new Power trailer is out and it’s AMAZING.  After a short first season, viewers are ready to be entertained again by Ghost, Tommy, Angela, and Kanan! This year we’re guaranteed 10 episodes and it seems like there’s a lot to look forward to.
Here’s what we can immediately tell from the trailer:

~Tommy tells Ghost about who Angela really is.

~Angela finds out who Ghost really is.

~Ghost loses the night club.

~Kanan has a much bigger role in Season 2.  He obviously still wants Ghost dead.

~Tasha confronts Ghost about Angela.

~And Even though he has so many reasons not to, Ghost is STILL fucking Angela…

View The full trailer here:

Can’t wait…

Power returns this Summer on Starz.

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