50 Cent – They Burn Me

50 Cent - They Burn Me

50 Cent, also known as Curtis James Jackson III, is a prominent American rapper, actor, and entrepreneur. He gained fame with his debut album “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” in 2003, featuring hit singles like “In da Club.” Known for his aggressive style and gritty lyrics, he played a significant role in popularizing gangsta rap. Besides music, 50 Cent has ventured into acting and business, solidifying his status as a multifaceted entertainer and influential figure in hip-hop and pop culture. Check out the They Burn Me Lyrics, Video, and Download here…

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50 Cent – They Burn Me

They Burn Me Lyrics

Look at what they did to me, they burn meThey turn meInto a animal, they flipped son, they burn meTo the first degree, me son, they hurt meI looked out for them motherfuckersThey burn me i was good now I’m badSee they done turned me into a monsterI can’t believe they burned meI showed ’em love, they showed me hateThey burn meNow I’m heartless, your pain don’t concern me
I got so many enemies, so many memoriesSo many flashbacks, we used to be friendsSugar turned to shit, people just changeThey keep pushin a nigga ’tilThe hammer go bangYou violate I will let that motherfucker rangFeels like, money came then, more money cameAnd, niggas start foamin outThe mouth growin fangsNow, when did I become theSavior of the hood?Look homie you don’t know meI wouldn’t save ya if I couldI sacrifice for suckas and they change meI’m angry they selfishAll they want is what theyWant so they blame me (wow)Like it’s all my fault they ain’t caked upYou a grown-ass man, damnWhen you gon’ wake up?Turn, 7 to 14, 14 to 28An O to 62, nigga get up your weightLearn how to duck the jakesStack your paper then you’re straight
I tried to help a nigga eatMan it’s hard out on the streetCause I’m kind they think I’m weak(they burn me) they see the way I grind andThey like the way I shineThey want paper like mine (they burn me)Man they be on some shit whenThey tryin to hit a lickMan a motherfucker flip (so they burn me)You think they won’t trip cause youHelped ’em from the ripThey ain’t loyal to SHIT!
She called the cops on meCause I don’t love her like I used toTried to fix what was wrong guessIt hurts cause I’m goneMy son he love me but sheTryin to poison his mind actin likeEverything they got ain’t come from my grindI say a prayer for her like “GodPlease change her heart”All this hatred at one timeIs tearin me apartMan I ain’t lookin for troubleI’m lookin for blessingsBut ever since the money cameMe I been stressinGot my ass kicked for bein kindI can’t trust nobodyThe closer they get to me theMore they take from meMan, I’m givin all I got to giveI’m tryin to liveThey look at me they eyes got dollar signsThey want the kidTo give it all up, fall apart, break downI ain’t got much leftWhat they wan’ take now?My life? I got so much more to offerI’mma make ’em watch me be #1 ’til I’m doneYeah
They bringin me all, the way dowwwwwn(Everybody’s tryin to bring meAll the way down)And betray me just becauuuuse(betray me) I’m down (just because)I, don’t know, what, to do nowwwww(I don’t know what to do)Me? My loyalty’s, what I’m ’bout ha ha(that just happens to be what I’m about)They burn me, over and over and over(over and over again)Like they doin what they supposed taThey burn me, goddamn look at how they do me(look at how they do me)Somebody new tryin to sue meSo they burn me (after all I’ve done)So they burn me(Seems like I can’t find a friendEvery time they burn)

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