Wyclef Jean – We Trying To Stay Alive

Wyclef Jean - We Trying To Stay Alive

“We Trying to Stay Alive” by Wyclef Jean is a 1997 song that samples the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive.” It combines hip-hop, R&B, and pop, discussing life struggles with hope and positivity. Energetic and catchy, it’s a creative blend of genres that captures the spirit of the We Trying To Stay Alive Lyrics. Check out the We Trying To Stay Alive Lyrics and Video here…

We Trying To Stay Alive Lyrics

We got the Refugee Allstars rub-a-dubbing in the clubWyclef Jean, John Forté, PraswellKnow what I mean, the streets are getting a little crazy
Looka-looka-looka-looka-looka-looka-looka here, looka, shorty got backShould I ask her for a dance? Hold on, there’s too many in the wolf packAnd besides, Dirty Cash talking to herBuying her fake furs and taking her to The FeverQuiet as it’s kept, that ain’t even his BenzShe spends his Franklins at the malls with her friendsMaterial girl living in a material worldBut it’s all right ’cause it’s Saturday night
So Mr. Funkmaster, pump the Bee GeesAnd all you college students, play your ‘UigisCheck the spelling, R-E-F-U-G-E-EGet the CD from Sam Goody, hee-heeYou ain’t even close with the rhymes that you wroteDon’t be mad ’cause you brokeLet me clear my throat, uh-huh, uh-huhJohn Forté, grab the mic, let’s sway this way
I’m more than just a rhymer, you still a small-timerHoping that the game treat that ass a little kinderEvery step tango’d, your beef don’t concern meI’m eating mangoes in Trinidad with attorneys (oh, yeah)My crew’s slang flow worldwide like a currentWent the every spot where nobody got insurance
Brother, do the math, you ain’t half near exoticMy mans claim true you, forget about itPo-po just a nuisance like my influenceWell-recognized, you a lie trying do itGot juice, told your lady, “Oops, we nuts, baby”Smooth and charismatic, automatic, you gon’ save meGod bless the dead as my son surviveWe strive to teach the youth, baby, and stay alive
Refugee camp next, babyJohn Forté, yeah, watch your ladyWatch your lady, yeah (alright)‘Specially around baby Pras (yo)If you got more than a dollar in your pocket right nowPut your hands up (yeah, yeah)
Well, you can tell by the way I roll, shorty, that I’m a ladies manA business manCondos down the shore, multi-million pension plan (uh-huh)But it ain’t in my plan to make moves without the fam’ (no can do)I keep it intact, yo, ‘Clef, do the track (‘Clef, do the track, yeah)John, play the mack while I pay the taxBusiness as usualWatching suspects steal my assets, get cut with GillettesWe built this concept, connect like NYNEX (alright)Drinks at the bar, my American Express, come here
Yo, I cook up, cook upThe copper pull up, pull upThem I cuff up, cuff upYou who’s calling bluffNow you shook up, shook up‘Cause you lock up, lock upMan, I love up, love upYou who’s calling bluff?
Ayo, John is chilling, Dirty Cash dealingWhat more can I say? We livingThat’s what we got, we got it goodAnd since you understood, we be-
YeahLive at The Carnival’97 ’til infinity, haRefugee AllstarsCan’t stop the shining, can’t stop the shiningCan’t stop the shining, can’t stop the shiningYou wanna stop the shining? You wanna stop the shining?You wanna stop the shining? You wanna stop the shining?Can’t stop the shining, can’t stop the shining

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