Capone & Norega Assess State of Hip-Hop with C-N-N’s Return

Hip-hop duo Capone and Noreaga are set to drop their latest LP The War Report II on July 13th. Also known as C-N-N the veterans are no strangers to success and believe this album will definitely resonate with their fans. When asked how this album is different from the rest Capone states, “I was here to record the entire album”. The tag team gave Parlé a no holds barred interview, which focused on their new music, competing in the current state of the rap game, their thoughts on Lil’ Kim verses Nicki Minaj and so much more.

C-N-N released their first album War Report in the late 90’s, however a criminal violation sent Capone to prison before the album was finished, which forced Noreaga to complete the album solo. The War Report II provides fans with the honor of having Capone’s presences heard throughout the album. When asked what fans can expect on the album Capone says, “For all our fans that’s been down with us since War Report they can expect the same feeling. We went all the way in. We kept it grimy, we kept it gutter. It is plain to see we are sticking to the script and every record is going to make you nod your head.”

While rap music has changed dramatically over the years Capone and Noreaga are not worried about the competing, “At the end of the day we made this type of music hardcore because that’s what we were living and that’s what we go through. Millions of people can relate to that struggle. So, now things are changing and everything is a sing along. We gotta learn to adapt, we gotta keep it hardcore and still remain ourselves. Also, it doesn’t hurt to dip and dive. If you’ve been eating Haagen-Dazs your whole life and then a Cold Stone pulls up and you loyal to Haagen-Dazs, Haagen-Dazs is cool but every now and then you have to go to Cold Stone too. That’s what life is about, its about evolving.”

As C-N-N’s music transcends to modern times Noreaga is against one of the fastest growing rise to fame formulas, attacking another rapper. The MC says, “At the end of the day we are young Black and Latinos, poor people. Hip-Hop represents the poverty, say someone comes out and I don’t like them and I make a diss record, people might start believing that and now he can’t feed his family. To me that is unfair. At the end of the day it isn’t our money, these are people who come and invest into you. So why wouldn’t I want to put another person on, but its our own Black on Black crime that comes in like ‘cool well fuck them’.”

The competitive nature of Hip-Hop has been seen throughout the history of it existence. So there is no surprise that Noreaga, the first rapper to openly admit to being against ending another rapper’s career is not willing to choose sides. Especially when it comes to the growing beef between up and comer Nicki Minaj and Hip-Hop queen Lil’ Kim. The rap star says, “It’s not about who’s hotter. It’s about Nick Minaj and Lil Kim can co-exist in the same world. Foxy Brown and Remy ma can co-exist in the same world. We should never ask who’s hotter. Do you really go to the joint and because you eat chocolate ice cream you can’t f*ck with vanilla ever. Is it really like that in life? If I was a guy who was single I wouldn’t say I just want to bone Nicki Minaj. I would say, I would like them both. Why should we have to pick? In Hip-Hop that is a characteristic that is so fucked up. So what do I say, I love Lil Kim, I love Nicki Minaj and I’m not going to pick.”

As the due date arrives Capone encourages fans to pick up the album by joking, “We giving away free food stamps in the album. You get a free quarter water with every purchase in the hood. You get a Laffy Taffy for the kids, even though they ain’t supposed to be listening.” As competition heats up one thing is for sure, the duo is ready and anxiously waiting the arrival of July 13th. Fans can visit for up to date info on the group.

Image by Christian Ortiz for Parlé Magazine

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