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[FIRST LOOK] Everything We Know About The Cast of Zatima, The Sistas Spin-Off

Cast of Zatima

It’s no news that the Zac and Fatima series is in the making. Get ready to meet Tyler Perry’s Zatima cast as the Sistas Spin-Off will reach your screens sooner than you think.

Tyler Perry is serving as the series’ executive producer, director, and writer. In addition, the show will air on BET+ later this year. Subsequently, this will be the second Tyler Perry spinoff to air on BET.

Here’s the first look at the Zatima series and the cast of Zatima

On the Sistas Spin-Off, BET’s President Scott Mills sais, “We look forward to unlocking crossover viewership opportunities between our linear platform and our streaming service one of our strongest series, ‘Sistas.’

With ‘Zatima’ joining our expanding roster of BET+ originals, BET is committed to giving viewers more of the compelling content they love and expect across our platforms.”

More importantly, he spoke on the network’s relationship with Tyler Perry. He said, “We are continuing to strengthen our investment in quality programming, and our partnership with Tyler Perry has a proven track record of super-serving our audience.”

Tyler Perry’s Zatima main cast: Zac, Fatima, Nathan, Angela, Tony, Belinda, Deja, and Gretchen.

Guest stars: Kelly, Jeremiah, Valerie, Jerome, Diamond, Lori, Gigi, Margaret, Cal, and Bouncer. Meanwhile, there has been no indication on whether the couple’s ex-spouses Karen and Hayden will be part of the Sistas spin-off cast.


Meet the cast of Zatima, the Sistas Spin-Off

Devale Ellis as Zac

Zac is an ex-con who is in a relationship with Fatima and they decide to take their relationship further by moving in together. He also shares a kid with Karen. Devale Ellis who will be playing Zac will be one of the main characters.

The former NFL player is known for being a family man and is a father of four kids. The happily married man shared why he thinks the ship is getting all the love. Concerning the new series, he voiced, “‘Zatima’ represents the dream of finding love in the most awkward places.”


Crystal Hayslett as Fatima

Crystal Renee Hayslett plays Fatima in Sista and works as Andi’s assistant at a law company. She met Zac when he was still trying to build himself and will continue as Zac’s lover. In this series, Zac and Fatima will take us through a journey of two romantics hoping to make their burgeoning relationship last.

“I couldn’t think of a better person to be on this journey with! Your respect, honor, patience and inspiration is rare in this industry,” Crystal expressed in a ‘thank you’ message to Devale Ellis on IG. She also shared the details of how the Zac and Fatima series came to be, and the idea was conceived on the set of Sistas.


Cameron Fuller as Nathan


Played by Cameron Fuller, he is Zac’s basketball teammate. Carolyn treats Nathan like a puppy on a short leash despite the fact that they are married and have kids together. Whenever Carolyn tells him to go home because the kids are driving her nuts, Nathan needs to jump. Their relationship meets a rocky phase as he ultimately cheats on her with a stripper.



Angela is Fatima’s closest female friend and is now dating Bryce. She is in her 30s and is unaware that the person moving in with Fatima is Zac. She demands to meet Zac after speaking with Fatima and learning the details of their romance. Unknown to Fatima, Bryce has told her what he knows about Zac’s dark side.


Guyviaud Joseph as Tony

He is one of Zac’s basketball friends as well. Unlike his friends, Tony has a feeble opinion of marriage and sees “love” as another obstacle to a man having a rich, satisfying sex life that he fancies. When Zac announces that he is moving in with Fatima, he is rather displeased.


Danielle LaRoach as Belinda

She is close friends with Fatima and is unaware that Fatima’s new lover is one of her past lovers, Zac. She finally finds out when Fatima invites her and Angela to come over to meet Zac (and give Fatima her approval). However, Belinda’s mood quickly changes as she soon realises Zac is one of her former loves.


 Remington Hoffman as Bryce

Bryce is portrayed as a hardworking professional man who works as a Securities Exchange Commission inspector. He is direct and unwavering. Bryce is Angela’s boyfriend and a friend to Zac.


Jasmin Brown as Deja

Deja is shown to be a high-class stripper by night and a nail technician by day. She decides to rent Zac’s duplex immediately since she is so pleased with it. As a result, provides him with all of her credit information and offers to write him any checks he needs. She is delighted that “such a strong man” will be living next door, which suggests trouble in the future as Deja is single. Could she be interested in her new neighbour?


What do you think of Tyler Perry’s Zatima cast? Excited as well? Let us know in the comments

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