Five Holiday Trends That We Think You Should Try Out This Season

Five Trends That You Wouldn’t Want To Pass Up This Holiday Season

Sometimes we love them, sometimes we hate them. Either way, trends are in! Always have been, and they always will be. As winter quickly approaches, there are an assortment of trends that would be an absolute bummer if you let go by, especially with it being the holiday season. Going to a Christmas party? Work gathering? Or maybe even a dinner date with your boo? Look no further. These are five holiday trends that we think you should try out this season.


  1. Cozy Knits

Holiday Trends

Cozy knits are the fashion go-to this winter! While some might see them as just another sweater, waiting to collect dust in your closet, cozy knits have edge and, without a doubt, lots of personality to them. From Zara’s Fringed Sweater priced at $50.00 to Free People’s Snowbird Pullover priced at $148.00, you can find a sweater that offers more than what you bargain for.


2. Double Denim

Holiday Trends

There is no such thing as too much denim, at least not when paired together well. A denim jacket paired with jeans is just enough denim to keep you looking good and in fashion. Denim tops styled with jean bottoms also are a nice combination. Check out the Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Vintage Customised Seamed Denim Jacket for $88.20.


3. Polka Dots

Holiday Trends

This is one of those patterns that will forever be around and in style. Polka dots are timeless and add a nice touch when worn with the proper accessories. Avoid patterns that are distracting and/or have a negative impact on the polka dots. Also, make sure you layer up with solid colors, as doing so helps break up the patterns. Take a look at QVC’s Susan Graver Cool Polka Dot Shirt with Ruched Sleeves, available for $52.50.


4. Silver

Holiday Trends

No, not jewelry, but this season, you can certainly expect to see a lot of silver. Items such as silver shoes, dresses, skirts, and even silver jackets. If you’re not one for dresses and skirts in the wintertime, the Pixie and Diamond Hooded Jacket from Forever 21, priced at $98.00, would definitely be a great silver piece that is, without a doubt, bound to turn heads. Not only does it give off silver fever, it’s also has a holographic shadow to it! When paired with diamonds, it is sure to add a nice finishing touch, too.


5. Shoulder Pads

Holiday Trends

I know that some of you are thinking, “Shoulder pads?!” But, not so fast. They are actually here for the win amongst these holiday trends! Worn with a sweater or jacket, shoulder pads can add a dramatic and chic look to your attire. Shoulder pads are available for purchase, anywhere, online! Happy shopping!


Which of these holiday trends would you rock? Let us know in the comments!

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