5 of the Most Classic and Iconic Sneakers that You Can Wear in 2019

Balenciaga Speed Trainer Sneakers - Iconic Sneakers

Sneakers have a special place in everyone’s heart, irrespective of gender. In fact, they are one style of shoes that often successfully transcends the gender gap in fashion, without compromising on anything. In an understanding of this mutual love for sneakers, manufacturers continue to launch new models annually and sometimes even sooner, but we are going to discuss five of the classic and the most iconic sneakers next, that have either managed to withstand the everchanging trends of fashion and stay in demand until now, or successfully stood out from the rest with iconic designs.

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The Gucci Ace Leather Sneakers

Gucci Ace Leather - Iconic Sneakers
If there was one iconic Gucci sneaker that stood the test of time better than any of the others in the luxury brand’s classic sneaker collection, it would have to be the Ace leather sneakers. You can instantly recognize a pair of these beauties by looking at the green and red logo on both sides, with the golden bee being present only on the outside logos on both shoes. It is so popular that Gucci never abandoned the design and even built on its popularity further by offering various versions of the classic Ace sneakers, such as the White New Ace and the White Dog New Ace to name a couple. You can go with the dog, the pineapple, the floral embroidery and everything else that Gucci has since added to the Ace sneaker line, but the classic Ace is still arguably the best choice for most women.

Superga Cotu Classic White Sneaker

Superga Cotu Classic White Sneaker - Iconic Sneakers
Kate Middleton made the Superga Cotu Classic White Sneaker famous again, about three years ago, but did it ever actually go out of style to begin with? After all, Princess Diana loved these sneakers too and had been seen wearing them on multiple occasions, more than two decades ago. Of course, Kate is wearing the classic white Cotu sneakers, while Diana preferred her Superga sneakers in navy, but they are essentially the same shoe, in different colors. We recommend the all-white classic Cotu sneakers more though, but even the navy is a classic and you can just get a pair of each, given that they are among the cheapest, most famous sneakers of all time!

Balenciaga Speed Sneakers

As the shoe in question was launched in 2017, it can hardly be called a classic, but somehow, these Balenciaga sneakers (main image) have managed to become exactly that by outselling every other sneaker in the luxury brand sector which was released that year, leaving even the likes of Gucci and Prada in the dust. Explore the products listed here on SSENSE to know what we are talking about and get a look at all the latest collections by Balenciaga. While they are completely unconventional and the Triple S sneakers in particular are as far from the word classic as possible, these are iconic in the sense that there is nothing else in the market that comes even close to looking the way they do. Everything from the oversized designs and the odd color combinations of the Triple S models, to the beautiful contours of the speed sneakers, are unique about the Balenciaga sneakers and they are still outselling all premium sneakers in 2019, which is part of what makes them an iconic sneaker and a future trend setter for sure.

Puma Suede Classic Sneakers

Puma Suede Classic Sneakers - Iconic Sneakers
Puma isn’t a luxury brand, but it does make some great shoes at surprisingly affordable rates without cutting any corners. The Classic Suede Sneakers from Puma have adorned the feet of celebs through the generations with Zac Effron and Kylie Jenner being the most recent celebrities to be seen in them, but they are not the only ones either. These may cost a fraction of what the premium pairs from the top designer brands of the world would, but they are just so very comfortable. The touch of suede up top gives these classics from Puma an extra touch of posh, hardly seen on any other classic, affordable sneakers.

Adidas Superstar

Adidas Superstar White Sneakers - Iconic Sneakers
There is nothing else that can or has managed to replace the Adidas Superstar yet, which came out back in the year 1969 and still continues to be among the most in-demand sneakers in the non-premium category. Although it was designed exclusively with basketball in mind to begin with, the Adidas Superstar is the sneaker that became a fashion sensation in the 1980s, and inspired countless other brands to make models inspired by that shell-toe which continues to be a trend in fashion even today.


The choice can be confusing, given that all of these shoes we just discussed are classics in their own right, but it all depends on the kind of personality, lifestyle and sense of fashion you have. If you want to stand out from the rest with your style though, any of the Balenciaga sneakers should be your first preference.

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