Sleep like a Celebrity – Some Ideas to Upgrade your Bed

Upgrade Your Bed
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Your bed is your personal space. Some people started their fantastic relationships and their great inventions on the bed. Hence that part of your house must be kept sacred and splendid.

So, the objective of writing this article is to help you turn that personal space into your little heaven. Hence the title, sleep like a celebrity-some idea to upgrade your bed.

A.  Try a new type of mattress
You already know the benefits of a good mattress. Probably, you did lots of research before you bought the one you have now. However, did you know that you can get equally good foam but a different variety?

When upgrading your bed, try out a mattress you’ve never had before. For instance, you can go for Casper now that you’ve been using Purple all along. The difference between Purple and Casper is price and feel, but the quality is the same.

B.  Have a variety of stylish pillows

You will find different types of throw pillows in the market. So, when redecorating, you can go for an assortment of elegant pillows. For instance, you can choose to vary the shapes and sizes, or texture and material.

You don’t have to crowd your bed with these decorative pillows. A few well-chosen designs will make your resting place look and feel brand new.

C.  Change the bedding

Probably, no one will ever give you a lecture for not changing your bedsheets once every week as recommended.  Although experts advise you to buy cotton sheets only, the purpose of this article is to have you sleep like a celebrity every day of the week.

Thus, why don’t you invest in various bed sheet materials? For example, you can have some silk and satin sheets for special occasions. Also, have another set of duvet and duvet covers.

D.  Experiment with color

Wait a minute! If you have fifty sets of bedding, but they’re of the same color, what difference does it make? Why not have seven sets but diverse colors. That way, you invoke a new mood each time you change the linen.

Alternatively, create a splash of colors using the decorative pillows mentioned above. You could also try a theme you’ve never tried before, or change the way you’ve been matching the colors you already have.

E.  Try a new type of wood

In case you have a little money to spend on redecorating, you can buy a new bed. Change everything in the bedroom and recreate it again. You’ve had oak before; why not try mahogany this time? Just do some research on types of wood.

Sometimes to sleep like a celebrity means you splash an insane amount of money on your sleeping area. Plus, one of the unique ideas to upgrade your bed is to change the bed itself.

F.  Add a piece of furniture beside the bed

Assume you’ve exploited all the ideas discussed above but you still want a new look in your bedroom, what else can you do? Consider adding a piece of unique furniture beside the bed. For instance, you can have some vintage bedside chairs or a chest of drawers.

The size of your bedroom doesn’t matter. You don’t need to shop in the best furniture stores in the world. You can repurpose the drawers you have stored in the attic, or ask your parents to gift you one of those pieces they bought in the seventies.

G.  Give your bed some panache

What if you don’t have money to keep upgrading your bed? Can you still have the most stylish bedroom in the world? The answer is yes. All you need is to give your bed some flair. For example, you can throw some rose petals on the bed or place a box of chocolates at the center.

Final thoughts

For you to sleep like a celebrity, you need unique warm and cozy bedroom ideas. Money should not limit you because there’s a ton of stuff you can do on your own. Think outside the ordinary, and you will be amazed at the results. The unique ideas to upgrade your bed are more than the ones listed above.

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