Interior Design Trends in California

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People know the state of California for its wonderful climate and tropical beauty. The homes in the region are also beautiful in their own way. Some of the residents choose to maximize their choice of interior design to reflect a relaxed demeanor, which is the essence of California. Here are some trending interior design trends in California:

Brightness and Uniqueness

In contrast with the black and white palette that was all the rage back in the early 2000s, people are now experimenting with a variety of textures, patterns, and colors when decorating their homes. Nowadays, people are choosing to decorate with unique items that you cannot find anywhere else. Items that draw the eye, antiques, and conversation pieces can be found in most homes – this is in sharp contrast with the minimalistic style that was trending in the past.

The average homeowner has a stronger desire to stand out in this cookie-cutter world. If you want your interior design to be unique, make sure that you opt for distinctive decorative pieces. If you live in rentals such as apartments San Pedro or Bellevue apartments, you should find decorative items that none of your neighbors have.

Sustainable Materials

The vegan standard of living is now moving to the living room thanks to the boom in cruelty-free choices. People are now moving away from leather couches and seats that result from deforestation. Although this trend is bigger in Los Angeles, it is slowly seeping into other areas of California.


Patterned tiles, plush velvet, and things that bring some texture into the house are all the rage in 2019’s interior design. People are now growing tired of polished and smooth surfaces and they want to play around with different textures. The right texture has the ability to change how small or big space feels.

Things such as herringbone dressers or flooring that come with bone inlays can add great dimension to a room that was previously dull. To experiment with textures, you should not be afraid to try out different things.

Purpose and Flexibility

People are now veering away from minimalist pieces of furniture that only serve a single purpose. Instead, they are opting for portable items that are easy to rearrange and can double up as storage pieces. Such furniture pieces can fit inside your home comfortably without making it look congested. Moreover, a multipurpose piece of furniture allows you to save money.

More Greenery

You should buy houseplants that do not require too much maintenance if you want your home to feel connected to nature but do not want to invest a lot of time in their upkeep. With a plant in your home, you can make two design choices; you can choose either a stylish pot or plant to decorate your home.

Ceilings That Inspire

Interior Design Trends In California HomesWhen was the last time that you paid attention to the way that your ceiling looks? Many trendy California residents pay a lot of attention to their ceilings. Since we have been focusing on everything else that is on eye level, it is about time that we start to look to the ceiling for inspiring decoration ideas.

How can you make a statement with your ceilings? If you live in your own home, you can opt for a sunroof that brings light into your home. Instead of switching the lights on during the day, you can save electricity by installing a sunroof.


Are you thinking about updating your interior design in California? You can opt for brightness and uniqueness, more texture, inspiring ceilings, purpose and flexibility, sustainable materials, plus more greenery. 

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