Social Media Discusses The “Dating Preferences” Of Lil Baby’s First Baby Mother

Lil Baby's First Baby Mother
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Social media discusses the alleged “dating preferences” of Lil Baby’s first baby mother Ayesha Howard.

It’s no secret that with multiple “baby mamas” drama is a part of the territory, even if it’s just over feeding the kids McDonald’s! It is also no secret that Atlanta drug dealer transitioned to one of the best rappers in the game, Lil Baby has 2 baby mamas, Ayesha Howard and Jayda Cheaves, and they do not get along!

The topic of Lil’ Baby’s baby mamas is normally about them fighting with one another, but on October 07, 2022, Twitter users went on the application to express their concern about the alleged dating preferences of Lil Baby’s first baby mother, Ayesha Howard.

A user by the handle of The Great Negro tweeted: “So yall telling me Lil Baby’s first BM is an 80’s baby?? And she been beefing with someone born in 1997 all this time. Ikyfl”. This sparked the conversation in the direction of the age difference between the rapper and the mother of his child.

The tweet was replied to by another Twitter user with the handle The Brown Girl Collegiate Collective, who tweets: “They started dating when he was 15 she was 22, she got pregnant when was 17 and she was 24. She said he was mature for his age.” This tweet got other users involved, mostly women on the defensive that women dating younger men is socially acceptable and shouldn’t be.

Many of the Twitter users in this conversation give way to a pattern by Ayesha Howard in allegedly dating younger men and how disgusted they are by it.

Another Twitter user with the handle @lovingmiamor posted a photo of a young man with the caption: Thats nothing. After Lil Baby and while beefing with Jayda Wayda she was 30 and “dating” a 18 year old from Chicago named Sincere Brannon. The only reason they stopped is because he got locked up and went to the feds with his brother and mom. Google him. It’ll show you his age.

The Twitter user @lovingmiamor also posted another photo of a young man with this caption: let’s also talk about Lil Baby babymama Ayesha and her fling she was seeing this year. Devin White that plays for Tampa. This boy just turned 22. While he’s an adult her 35 yr old ass should not be interested. She like dating “kids” and beefing with “kids” like such as Jayda.

All of this brings up the question, should older women be chastised for dating younger men? DJ Akademiks was just under fire earlier this year for sexual comments he made almost 10 years ago about a 15-year-old girl, but Lil’ Baby was an expecting father at the age of 17 and no one batted an eye. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Check out some more Twitter reactions below:


Image Credit:  Shareif Ziyadat / Contributor   |   Getty Images

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