Rapper Polo G Arrested On Gun Possession Charges

Rapper Polo G Arrested On Gun Possession Charges
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Rapper Polo G, known formally as Taurus Bartlett, finds himself entangled in gun possession charges yet again, only a year after being arrested for the same crime.

The 25-year-old artist was apprehended after being discovered in possession of an automatic weapon during a visit to the East Coast.

According to reports on Thursday (April 11), Chicago rapper, Polo G was arrested on charges of criminal possession of a firearm(gun) and criminal possession of a weapon in Manhattan Criminal Court.
The incident unfolded during his stay at the Dominick Hotel in SoHo, a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, where a loaded Glock containing 10 bullets was discovered by a maid in his room. Authorities were promptly notified about the firearm.
While Polo G’s attorney presented his client as a committed and professional individual with no intention of fleeing, citing his established career, prosecutors argued that the rapper posed a flight risk due to his prior criminal record. This record includes past arrests for charges such as kidnapping, assault, and robbery.
Ultimately, Judge Kevin McGrath ruled on a cash bail amounting to $25,000 and scheduled a court date for June 4. Despite assertions of Polo G’s dedication to his career and lack of motive to evade legal proceedings, the judge deemed the bail necessary, considering the rapper’s history.