Tory Lanez Official Prison Diet Has Been Revealed

Tory Lanez prison diet revealed

Tory Lanez is saying goodbye to his lavish celebrity diet for prison food, as he’s currently serving his 10-year sentence at the North Kern State Prison in Delano, California. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Canadian musician was sentenced for shooting Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion in an incident that took place back in 2020.

In a menu obtained by TMZ, it looks like Tory’s diet is reminiscent of an elementary school cafeteria. This is the Tory Lanez prison diet for the first week…


consists of hard-boiled eggs, hot cereal, beef hash, milk and coffee.


he’s served bologna and mustard sandwiches on whole wheat bread with peanut butter crackers and sugar free drinks. On alternating days, he gets American cheese sandwiches instead.


Tory is served hot link sausages, red beans, rolls, vegetables, coleslaw, and canned fruit.


Despite food being beyond lackluster, Tory Lanez has other things to worry about, like being in a prison with several murderers. As we previously reported, Tory Lanez checked in North Kern–a facility that houses 4,000 inmates including many dangerous murderers–on Tuesday, September 19. Not only do the cells at North Kern house criminals, it’s also become a place riddled with crime as well.

“Ramon Escobar, a convicted serial killer killed his 53-year-old cellmate, Juan Villanueva, a pedophilic sexual assault offender, in February this year. In July, another inmate, 25-year-old Ricardo Saldivar was found dead in his cell.

Although the facility is well secured with an electric fence, there have been reported cases of escapes from its walls in recent years. There is also the ongoing case of a former inmate who was found guilty of attacking a pair of officers while in prison.”

Last week Tory Lanez petitioned a judge asking him to allow him to live with his new wife and son on bond instead of serving his sentence in prison. However, his request was denied.

On September 20th, his official mugshot was released.

Image Credit: Erik Voake / Stringer   |  Getty Images

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