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From D.C. through Philly to New York, the twenty-one year old has seen a lot through his travels. On his own since the age of eighteen, David E. Beats has acquired a wide range of musical influences from Nirvana and The Doors to soul artists such as Aretha Franklin and The Moments. With all of the different inspirations from music to art David E. Beats is an artist that works to perfect his craft. “There is no off time. When I’m not in the studio, me and Olivia (his publicist/manager) are in our office booking shows.”

Always striving to make the music he feels and express it to the people in the best way possible the young artist not only produces his own music, he even plays the lead guitar in his live performances. “I feel like I’m bringing entertainment to Hip-Hop. You should feel some sort of way after watching me perform,” Beats offers.

Ripping through N.Y.C. captivating his audience with his catchy hooks and theatrical music, Beats has left crowds mesmerized after his performances. The newest mixtape David E. Beats Boulevard is stirring a major buzz for the talented artist and many are anxious to hear how the music has matured. One of his hit singles “Her Features” has been a steppingstone for success for Beats, earning him favorable reviews from critics. Willing to work with any and every artist Beats shows his real passion for music by not only being able to lead, “I love the artist who sticks to their guns,” Beats explains.

Being one of the future leaders of the new school David E. Beats knows the history of the craft is important as well. With a mic and a guitar, Beats does not look like your average emcee of today. The very first Hip-Hop album Beats owned was Jay-z’s The Blueprint. Wanting more, he went back to grip every classic Hip-Hop album from Audio to Rakim through the hard hitting ‘90s of the Wu Tang Clan, Redman, Keith Murray, Nas and poet/ emcee Tupac Shakur. All that music helped influence him and those artists served as mentors through their music.

Though his career has been on the fast track, it hasn’t been without its downsides. An unauthorized release of a video to one of his singles and a rushed edit put a dim light on his image and creative thinking. Beats has since had hands on involvement in his video production with a new set of creative minds. With two new videos one shot in Chicago and his next single, “Walk” In to be shot in Paris, France.

Beats has had the tough shows in D.C. and has graduated to moving crowds at events in New York, giving him the official stamp of an artist who is sure to give it his all in every record he puts out. “David E. Beats is a business, its only preparation and practice.”

Approaching the music as an artist first, Beats knows the business side of the industry as well by making sure he promotes and pushes his brand every chance he gets. “I tailor my music, I never go outside of myself, but I have a boss to please. My boss is my customer.”

Besides the guitar, Beats soon hopes to master the piano as the next step to the completion of this music arsenal. Putting together a band to add to his performance the free agent is shopping around his unique sound to labels. From the type of music he makes it’s been mentioned that Universal Republic or Downtown Music would be a good fit for the exceptional musician/rapper. Moving solid units as an independent artist you can find music by David E. Beats on itunes or by visiting the website

With future aspirations to work with legends such as Swizz Beatz, Beats still doesn’t turn away the underground emcee that would want to work with him as well. Jumping in ciphers in the Bronx or while at an N.Y.C. Open Mic, Beats is not afraid to show the world who he is by making memorable songs that the crowds love to rock with. “Music is made to bring people together,” Beats says while strumming his guitar. Using his gift to unite crowds with a Hip-Hop base and a universal sound that allows him to keep his audience broad, there is a new sound in Hip-Hop and it’s coming from David E. Beats Boulevard.

images by Daniel Norton

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