Black Lives Matter Images – Some of The Powerful Images Sparking The Protest

Black Lives Matter,“ read the signs that thousands across the world have held while protesting against police brutality in the last few weeks. The tragic deaths of both Eric Garner and Mike Brown,coupled with the lack of grand jury indictments in both cases have sparked an age old debate of Police vs. Minorities in America. Although some believe we have made major changes in our society that outweigh the recent unfortunate incidents, there are many others that believe otherwise. Over the past two weeks protesters have made a substantial impact in their respective communities all across the globe. It’s evident that the relationship between law enforcement and minorities must undergo an extreme makeover, to restore faith in the judicial system. Until then, thousands will continue to protest against the injustices that the minority community has faced over the years. Here are a few powerful images from the recent protest all across the United States and hopefully they continue to be a driving force in sweeping change and activism across our nation…

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Devon Cobbs has been on the grounds protesting for the past couple of weeks and tweets live from the events from @DevCnyc.


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