Michelle Obama to Cover Essence’s December/January Issue


Former First Lady Michelle Obama Opens Up About Living in the White House, Finding Barack, and Balancing Motherhood

Michelle Obama is having the last say, and we are definitely all ears.

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Over the course of eight, long years, we grew to love our “Forever First Lady” and the great sense of style, social awareness, and undeniable cool vibes that came along with her. In fact, we loved her so much that we didn’t want her to leave, but her absence didn’t take away from the outstanding presence she left behind. To some, she’s just Michelle, but to most, us included, she’ll always be FLOTUS.

The 54-year-old, her husband, former President Barack Obama, and even their two daughters, Malia and Sasha, made history, created fun memories, and had a lasting impact on our country that we won’t ever forget.

However, Michelle’s influence didn’t stop after she left the White House; she only became more powerful. The lawyer-turned-first-lady continues to reach people of all demographics through philanthropy, as she steadily pushes the importance of education, health, nutrition, and empowering the youth.

The Chicago native just released her memoir, Becoming, via Crown Publishing Group on November 13th. In the book, Michelle compellingly opens up about her time in the presidential mansion, her roots, finding her own voice, health campaigns, and motherhood. She also spoke candidly about suffering a miscarriage and subsequently conceiving Malia and Sasha through IVF treatment. She once described the novel as a “deeply-personal experience.”

From #relationshipgoals and #familygoals to #careergoals and #fashiongoals, Michelle Obama is all-around GOALS!

Apparently, Essence Magazine thought so, too. The legendary publication grabbed Michelle for the cover of their December/January issue, and Mrs. MiMi spilled some tea on everything from how to find your own “Barack” to life in the President’s Palace. Michelle Obama

“I think a lot of people don’t have a clear idea of what they should look for in a mate, and for a long time, I didn’t either,” Michelle admitted when asked about her relationship with Barack. “What drew me to Barack was that, when I met him, he was already a fully-formed individual. From our very first conversations, he showed me that he wasn’t afraid to express his fears and doubts, or that he might not have all the answers. He could handle someone with her own passions and goals, someone who had ideas of her own. He relished it, in fact. I liked that.”

But although love with Mr. President may seem like peaches and cream, life as a working woman, mother, and wife can get challenging, she said. However, it was in other women that she found the strength to keep going.

“When I was raising young children, I learned to lean on a group of my friends in Chicago, women who, like me, had jobs and partners and children who kept them moving every minute. We’d help one another in very concrete ways, like picking up each other’s kids for dance lessons or a birthday party or anything else that came up,” she recounted. “Of course, we leaned on our husbands as well, but for me, there was something special—something vital, even—about sharing this experience with other women who were going through the same kinds of stresses and challenges that I was.”

Later in the conversation, the topic of living in the White House came up, and though the newfound lifestyle took some adjusting, Michelle said that her happiness was kept alive through her children and others.

“Any day that I got to spend time with children was a good day. Sometimes if I was need of a pick-me-up, my staff would schedule an event with young people to give me a boost,” the Becoming author told the outlet. “Kids give me energy. They get me out of my own head and remind me about the things that are most important.”

The Michelle Obama: Having Her Say Essence issue will hit the newsstands on November 23rd.

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