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[STREAM] Yelawolf Reveals ‘Ghetto Cowboy’, His 2nd Album of The Year

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Yelawolf has released his new album titled, Ghetto Cowboy.  The album was released on November 1st via Slumerican Records. The Gadsden, Alabama native has released his second album of the year, following the release of Trunk Muzik 3, earlier this year on Shady Records. The Yelawolf Ghetto Cowboy album is his 6th studio album.

Yelawolf got his start in 2005 when he his debut album Creekwater soon after getting eliminated from the reality series ‘The Road To Stardom‘ with Missy Elliott. Yelawolf caught a setback in his career when he signed to Columbia Records where he never could catch a good break after signing to the label. The rapper would release a single titled, “Kitchen” which was supposed to be a single for a album titled Fearin and Loathin in Smalltown U.S.A., but the album never saw the light of day under Columbia and they dropped the rapper from the label later on that year.

Yelawolf’s big break in the mainstream came in 2010 when started doing guest appearances with rappers like Killer Mike, Paul Wall, and many more. Yelawolf caught another big break when he was co-signed by the legendary rapper Eminem and would later announce that he signed on to the Shady/Interscope major imprint. 

Earlier this year, Yelawolf announced he has parted ways with the Shady/Interscope imprint after having a good tenure with the label. Yelawolf is now releasing music on his own label, Slumerican Records. The first release is the Yelawolf Ghetto Cowboy album.

The lead singles from the project were “Unnatural Born Killer,” and “Opie Taylor.”

Yelawolf Ghetto Cowboy album tracklist: 

  1. Mama Wolf 
  2. Unnatural Born Killer
  3. Opie Taylor 
  4. Box Chevy 7
  5. Here I Am
  6. Still Ridin 
  7. Lightning 
  8. Renegades
  9. So Long
  10. You and Me
  11. A Message from DJ Paul 
  12. Country Rich
  13. Keep on Rollin 
  14. Ghetto Cowboy 

Stream the Yelawolf Ghetto Cowboy album below:

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