DaBaby Charged With Felony Battery Over Alleged Music Video Fight

DaBaby charged with felony battery over alleged music video fight. TMZ reported that DaBaby was charged with felony battery for beating up a man, Gary Pager, for trying to stop him from shooting a music video on Pager’s property. Some of the incident was caught on video.


Something seemed off so Pagar went to check on his property. When he arrived, he saw DaBaby shooting a music video with an entire film crew and a ton of other people hanging around. Pagar claims there were at least 40 people on his property. When he attempted to shut down the shooting, someone in DaBaby’s entourage attacked Pagar. DaBaby ordered the guy off Pagar only to suck punch him in the face himself, knocking out a tooth.

While DaBaby was charged with felony battery, another member of his team, Thankgod Awute, was charged with felony robbery.  Prosecutors claim Awute was DaBaby’s cohort in crime.

Of course, Twitter came through with memes about DaBaby’s PR being exhausted and more

Do you think DaBaby was charged with felony battery unfairly or was this a long time coming after his numerous violent incidences?


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