Kevin Gates Trends After Caresha Please Interview

The Kevin Gates Caresha Please interview is the talk of the Twitter streets. Caresha Romeka Brownlee aka Yung Miami from the City Girls has a new TV show on Revolt TV called Caresha Please. The first episode aired on June 9th with Diddy as the first guest. They spoke about their careers, grief, dating and their relationship. They go together – “real bad.”

I wasn’t sure how Caresha was going to top that interview but I wasn’t expecting Kevin Gates. Their interview is an hour+ long experience of all kinds of real, raunchy, ratchet and ridiculously funny moments. Kevin Gates spoke about his commitment to his Muslim faith, family, health, sex and more.

Even if you didn’t watch it, the social media commentary will make you feel like you did. Fans loved it so much that they shared their favorite moments of the interview on Twitter that made Kevin Gates trend. Social media has agreed that the highlights from The Kevin Gates Caresha Please interview were Gates confessing he’s had sex with his cousin, his phrase ‘Hocializing,’ and his long tongue. Hell, he even shocked Yung Miami with his level of openness AND freakiness. Most fans enjoyed it while others thought it was TMI.








Kevin Gates’ Caresha Please interview was not the first time he’s been vulnerable in the media. He has spoken publicly about being molested by a family member and almost committing suicide. Through his music, testimony and honesty about his experience, he seems to make an impact on others whether it’s to make you laugh, cry or feel seen.

Speaking of feeling seen, it’s great to see Yung Miami stepping into ventures other than music like her talk show and her debut as an executive producer in Issa Rae’s new show, Rap Sh!t, which is loosely based on The City Girls. While she will always be a beloved City Girl, it’s great that she’s getting to the bag!

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