Priceless… Birdman Album Review


 One thing you can say about Birdman is that he has remained one of the few rappers to continue to toss out rhymes that speak on how much money he has and what he spends it on. Listeners can still expect that same rhyming spree to continue on his latest album, Priceless.

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The album’s second single, “Money to Blow,” whirlwinds into Priceless early on, a graduation from previous tracks about his money such as “100 Million Dollars,” from 5* Stunna and “Baby You Can Do It,” from his solo self-titled debut. The cut is an energetic club banger that has continued to make a heavy buzz on the streets.

As the ears take a trip around the cash fund treasury of Priceless, they are greeted by “Money Machine,” an X-Fyle produced banknote filled with cultured drum loops and head bobbing synths, then visit a “Nightclub,” which is the most multifaceted of Priceless’ greenbacks. It is a story where Birdman tells the listener to “take a picture” when he visits the club.

“Mo Milli,” Priceless‘ most superior resource is a crafted poetic piece. Drake and Bun B make cameo appearances on the track created by Boi-1da, a producer from Canada. The song precisely emphasizes why Birdman and his clique, Cash Money Records, have swiftly dealt winning slot machine tracks over the years.

Overall, Priceless uses a tried and true recipe from a moolah cookbook. This technique has proved to be successful for the moneyologist and this album fits the bill.

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Plus new music from Birdman (Not featured on the album):
Birdman f/ Lil’ Kim & Nicki Minaj – Grindin’ Making Money