The Princess & The Frog movie review



Humble and pauper beginnings saunter on Tiana, the protagonist, as she embarks on her journey to princessdom in Disney’s The Princess & the Frog. There is a painstaking vibe that flows underneath the fairytale that Disney tells; as no other princess storyline has embodied such entrepreneurial attributes as Tiana in The Princess & the Frog.

Moving the pauper restlessness away, the story capitalizes on its strength—the actors, who include Oprah Winfrey as Tiana’s mother, Eudora; Terrence Howard as Tiana’s father, James; Jenifer Lewis as Mama Odie, the film’s fairy godmother, whose southern twang steals the show; Bruno Campus as the Prince turned frog and Anika Noni Rose, as Tiana. This array of talent keeps the story alive as we see Tiana achieve her royal dream.

The Princess & the Frog is a film Disney is to be commended for. The Princess & the Frog is a nice children’s movie that gives a nod to the Black girls who dream big everywhere.

The Princess & the Frog receives a PARL

Rating system
P …Horrible
PA …Tolerable
PAR …Good
PARL …Excellent
PARLÉ …Classic


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