Jaime Hector Presents The 1st Annual Moving Mountains Weekend


This past weekend in NYC actor Jamie Hector (also known as Marlo from HBO’s The Wire) celebrated his first annual Moving Mountains, Inc. Weekend with his celebrity friends by way of a paintball tournament held at NYC paintball in Long Island City Queens to follow with an honorees luncheon in lower Manhattan at the loft of actor Kwane Spinks. The event was a spectacular one as Jamie and friends from HBO’s series The Wire all came out to support, coming together forming “The Wire Team” as they were to compete against the winning team. There were 15 competing teams all playing against each other to go up against “The Wire Team”. The winning team was “Team Def Jam” who competed against the “The Wire Team” and lost. The Wire Team consisted of Sonja Sohn, J.D. Williams and Jamie Hector.

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All teams who played sponsored a package that went towards the moving mountains Inc. organizations which will help to keep their program running during the summer, helping to keep the youth off the streets and being active within their communities.

Actress Sonja Sohn, Actor Jamie Hector and Actor J.D. Williams

After a long morning of paintball everyone headed downtown Manhattan to actor Kwane Spinks loft to finish off the weekends festivities with an honoree’s luncheon honoring WBLS radio personality Egypt with the (Image Award), Actor Michael K. Williams (Humanitarian Award), Robert Vasquez (Humanitarian Award) and Gifted Apparel for their continued support of the Moving Mountains organization. The event brought out close friends and those who support Moving Mountains, Inc. The youth who are involved in the Moving Mountains, Inc organization presented the awards along with Jamie Hector. “It’s a great thing to have all of you come out to support Moving Mountains Inc. at our 1st annual gathering. I want to thank you all for coming out and playing a wonderful game of paintball with us today and I definitely want to say to all those who we’re honoring today you definitely make a difference in not only our lives at moving mountains Inc but in the lives of others as well” says Jamie Hector.


Moving Mountains youth, Actor Michael K. Williams, Actress Sonja Sohn, Moving Mountains Youth and WBLS radio personality Egypt


For more information about Moving Mountains, Inc. and the funds that was raised over the weekend please visit www.movingmoutains.org.


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Our own Shanique Byrd was live at both events.  Here’s a look at some of her video from the event…